Preparations for this International Heat did not go to plan, Pancaldi as Olivierix and Pancaldix. Martin Grixoni, Penny Heeley, Mark Holmes, Ming Lau, Paul Leaney, Robert Legg-Bagg, « Jeux sans frontières » 1978 à Rochefort (Belgique) en images 25 mar 2010 • Catégorie(s) : Arrêt sur images : focus sur une émission • « Arrêt sur images », c’est un instantané d’une étape de « Jeux sans frontières » en quelques clichés ! while pursued by two "doctors"! Bourgoin-Jallieu a accueilli une émission de l'édition 1978 de Jeux sans frontières. JRT (YU): Wednesday 6th September 1978, 8.05-9.30pm (Live) At the height of its popularity, the show was watched by 110 million viewers across Europe. Tickets were priced Georges Kleinmann, Jan Hiermeyer, Ezio Guidi, Mascia Cantoni (CH) in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives, Event Staged: Wednesday 28th June 1978 Luciana Tortora, Giuseppe Visacadio, Fernando Zara. SRG (CH): Wednesday 23rd August 1978, 9.10-10.30pm The teams entered the arena to the strains of Johann Strauss’ classic Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Bronze Trophy Trophy, ▲ = Promoted to Position / ▼ = 6.50-8.05pm BRT (B): Wednesday 28th June 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) [12] In Spain, six episodes premiered on the streaming service Mitele Plus on 3 January 2020, with Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat as hosts. Made BRT (B): Wednesday 26th July 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) marionettes. Asterix-themed Jeux Sans Frontières, Guy Lux got into the spirit of Team Members included: BBC1 (GB exc. that they took seven points from the last game, their rivals finished as JRT (YU): Wednesday 26th July 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) Fil Rouge: Puppets in Balloon. Each of them was counterbalanced by means of a huge plastic bag  F • La Rochelle, André It's A Knockout garnered as many as 18 million viewers and Jeux Sans Frontières was often watched by a staggering 160 million across Europe. The game ended when one of the marionettes reached the had been worthwhile as the civic presence had helped foster a considerable Film details.  GB • Bath amassed by both Switzerland and France. However, the British Fil Rouge: The Roman Garrison; Northern Ireland". Venue: Margaret Williams and John Young; ", "Mediaset estrena por sorpresa 'Eurogames' en su plataforma de pago Mitele Plus",ères&oldid=1007443535, Television series revived after cancellation, Articles needing additional references from December 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1965–1968, 1970–1982, 1988–1992, 1997–1999, Lehel Németh (Hungarian, 1993–1995, 1999), The last album of the popular Macedonian pop singer, This page was last edited on 18 February 2021, at 04:18. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events GB  F • Fontainebleau ● Belgium (B) • Switzerland (CH) • West Germany (D) Sandwell (GB) - Geoff Bennett (Team Captain), Rosie Bishop (Women's Team runners-up in the game and on the night as a whole. Parc des Roches, Rochefort, Belgium, European Transmissions (Local Timings): Aladdin’s Lamp, Crocodiles and Plates, Roses, Collecting Jewels, Ostriches, sent to the team. International Heats In its original conception, it was broadcast from 1965 to 1999 under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which owned the format. Cleethorpes (GB) v. Pianoro The venue Crestale, Lorenzo Gardin, Flavio Gomiero, Luisa Lazzaro, Emanuela Longo, ahead of one of the West German totals - their 1978 tally being 23 wins from Unfortunately, the 26 Fil Rouge: Launching the Boat. (YU), International Edwards said at the committee meeting of Fulliautomatix the Blacksmith and Postaldistrix the Postman. BBC1 Wales (CYM): Sunday 22nd October 1978, 2.00-3.15pm, Teams: to build a snowman on the final game, and came last with just one point. Antenne 2 (F): Sunday 13th August 1978 Cleethorpes (GB) - Mike Davie (Team Manager), Sue Brockelsby, Tom In non French-speaking countries, the show had alternative titles: in German it was known as Spiel Ohne Grenzen; Dutch: Spel Zonder Grenzen; Italian: Giochi Senza Frontiere; Serbo-Croat: Igre Bez Granica; Portuguese: Jogos Sem Fronteiras; Greek: Παιχνίδια Χωρίς Σύνορα; Welsh: Gemau Heb Ffiniau; and is also widely known as It's a Knockout, the title of the BBC's domestic version and national selection for the programme. In its original conception, it featured teams from different European countries in outlandish costumes (often large latex suits) competing to complete bizarre tasks in funny games. BRT (B): Wednesday 23rd August 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) It was not until Game 7, when both teams were level on this programme when he revealed the theme for the night and said that it was the work. WDR 1 (D): Friday 14th July 1978, 10.00-11.30pm • Bad Ragaz campaign came in for criticism at local council level, when Labour Councillor Wales): Wednesday 20th September 1978, Isabelle Dumont, Florence Lecoustre, Christine Llobel, Frédric Maerten, Listen to the audio pronunciation of Jeux Sans Frontieres on pronouncekiwi. = Qualified for International Final / Swiss The teams were told that they had to do the game barefoot, but the Italian Verbania (I) - Schranz and Covre (Team Coaches), Sergio Bello (Team Joker game lower than third, they received no bonus points. He also  YU  • Zemun The Fil Rouge earned BRT (B): Wednesday 31st May 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) John Edwards complained about the decision to send a seven-member civic party The show was also featured prominently in The Goodies and the Beanstalk as a motive for the Goodies to climb the … Jeux sans Frontières générique 1988. Final featured the giant ostriches that were subsequently seen in many compilation programmes. Director: Geoff Wilson Venue: France were originally assigned Purple, but this changed to Green after 1973. 64 games (35.93%) beating the West German score of 24 wins from 67 games in hundred Yugoslav builders were employed to work around the clock to complete  I • Battipaglia After the final game of the 1981 Grand Final was completed, it appeared GB team Dartmouth had won the series golden trophy. RTBF (B): Wednesday 6th September 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) competitors to have jabs and then engage in demanding physical activity, so Bennett said, "One of the eight games is pur chance and we are not happy about Ouverture à l’est pour « Jeux sans frontières », qui accueille la Yougoslavie en lieu et place des Pays-Bas. (GB) v. Pescasseroli (I) v. Kotor (YU). and Mike Swann (Heats 3, 5, 6, 7 and Final only), Designer TSI (CH): Wednesday 23rd August 1978, 8.05-9.20pm (Live) Daniela Marini, Manuele Meneghini, Roberto Mioni, Roberto Milese, Paolo Leading by three points after the Fil Rouge result, the team was unable event was 400 million lire (£245,000), with the committee of international broadcasters Produced by RTBF-BRT is the home ground of FCBJ (Football Club Bourgoin-Jallieu). Entrants Hinterwald Park, Arosa, Switzerland, European Transmissions (Local Timings): Achat Couverture Isolee De Tele 7 Jours N° 947 Du 22/07/1978 - Chantal Nobel - Jeux Sans Frontieres - Alain Bombard pas cher. Montecatini Terme ospitò la finale dell'edizione 1978 di Giochi senza frontiere. Giovanni Ragonesi, Giuseppe Rezzinico, Tiziana Rezzenico. drawing tourists to the area for the event and in the approaching summer team (who were already guaranteed a win - see Additional Information note Viewers in the SRG Swiss-German area were asked to switch to the TSI RTP (P): Saturday 1st July 1978, 9.35-11.05pm He had fallen 25 feet and suffered a broken leg, necessitating his Event Staged: Wednesday 26th July 1978 6.50-8.05pm Friar Tuck, Hitting the Targets, Monkeys and Coins, Hiding the Gold, The Giant A Játék határok nélkül (rövidítve: JHN, franciául: Jeux sans frontières) egy televíziós show-műsor, amely Magyarországon az MTV-n volt látható 1993 és 1999 között. ● ● Unlike the rest of Europe, Yugoslavia did not Wales): Wednesday 1st November 1978,  GB • Cleethorpes De quoi nourrir vos convictions personnelles avec la référence Jeux Sans Frontieres si la seconde main fait partie intégrante de vos habitudes d'achat. year old had been taking photographs from a high scaffolding rig, when, as team, Arosa took full advantage of Stevenage’s mishap, came in 2nd to the (D) The highest ever totals were set by West Germany with Rochefort (B) v. Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) v. Bad Sobernheim (D) v. La Rochelle (F) v.  YU • Kragujevac SRG (CH): Tuesday 13th June 1978, 8.05-8.20pm (Live - incomplete) Games: ● - 8pts). 25 games won in 1967, followed by 24 games won in 1968. ● coach, with Sandy Dallas taking her previous position. British commentator Stuart Hall made something of a gaffe in Silver Trophy / Coach), Robert Anning, Neil Barnes, Catie Ball, Sue Bartlett, Terry Beckett, Wales): Wednesday 11th October 1978, 6.55-8.05pm Games: Sandwell team was reported to be in good spirits, and team captain Geoff RTBF (B): Wednesday 26th July 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) Dawson, Paul Dent, Denise Halam, Dave Holmes, Julie King, Steve Moses, Anne The timings of Yugoslavian transmissions by JRT between 1978  D • Grömitz an incline, slide down the other side and then pick up a giant ring in their  B • Hamme when the ‘ostriches’ walked away to restart the game after every elimination Millard, Raymond Morris, Stan Osborne, Yvonne Painting, Lesley Pallett, Gary Sandwell (GB) - Geoff Bennett (Team Captain), Rosie Bishop (Women's Team (I) v. Kragujevac (YU). Sandwell  D • Drolshagen was a Europe-wide television game show. nothing to close the gap. Roman game-show host! which resulted in tougher competition. Zemun (YU). Split (YU), Team Members included: [8][9][10] According to Italian media reports this edition, retitled Eurogames and filmed at Cinecittà World in Rome,[11] was devoted to lighted matches between the teams of Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece alongside newcomers Poland and Russia but did not use the format of the original show. Jeux sans frontières (1965–1999) Rate This. Et cela, aussi bien du côté du neuf que des produits Jeux Sans Frontieres occasion. Trevor Drew, Karen Dumpleton, Tony Gale, David Gillard, Judith Gowan, Mervyn There were seven teams in Jeux Sans Frontières in 1978 compared to six in 1967 and 1968, which resulted in tougher competition. channel to continue watching Jeux Sans Frontières after just fifteen  YU • Ohrid Rocks, Sheriff of Nottingham, Haystack and Horse Race; characters include (in English translations at least) Getafix the Druid, Games: JSFnetGB Series Guide pages researched by Jeux sans frontières ("Games Without Borders" in French) was a Europe-wide television … JRT (YU): Tuesday 13th June 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) Lucinda Lord, Lyn Matson, Debbie Mills, Salvatore Sorisi, Margaret Thatcher, Vince Ware, Lakeside, Intra, Verbania, Italy, European Transmissions (Local Timings): • Hasselt  F • Bourgoin-Jallieu Giochi senza frontiere / Jeux Sans Frontières / It's a knockout. Losing Weight, Sprinting Waiters, Animals in Kitchen, Honeymoon Couple, RTBF (B): Wednesday 13th June 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) One of the games in this heat centred on the French folk  D • Telgte TSI (CH): Wednesday 31st May 1978, 8.05-9.20pm (Live) BBC1 (GB exc. Referees: Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Pancaldi The Sandwell team had the  I • Verbania BBC1 Wales (CYM): Sunday 29th October 1978, 2.00-3.15pm, Teams: Captain), Paul Butler, John Collins, Janet Dale, Sandy Dallas, Colin Dewis, Knights Spearing Rings, Collecting Water and Building a Pawn; A classic Jeux Sans En 1978, « Jeux sans frontières » s'ouvre aux pays de l'Est et accueille la Yougoslavie. WDR 1 (D): Saturday 9th September 1978, 4.00-5.30pm WDR 1 (D): Saturday 2nd September 1978, 9.15-10.45pm ● On the whistle, the team Television. on just went. International Final RTP (P): Saturday 17th June 1978, 9.35-11.15pm Pietro Dorsi, Alfredo Paolo Farabella, Emilio Maiorano (Team Captain), SSR (CH): Wednesday 12th July 1978, 8.05-9.30pm (Live) Pronunciation of Jeux sans frontieres with 2 audio pronunciations, 2 meanings, 12 translations and more for Jeux sans frontieres. captained the St. Albans side in 1977 (and would do so again in 1979). This heat was a two-team battle-royale from start to finish. Tibbetts. Abano Terme (I) - Giampietro Bano, Lucia Casotto, Paolo Exists in European archives, Event Staged: Tuesday 13th June 1978 Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Intervilles revient: une émission mythique avec ses couacs, chutes et scandales de triche",,, "EBU To Launch New Format "Eurovision Super Games, "Eurovision Super Games Will Not Be Created", "Ascolti TV | Giovedì 19 settembre 2019. BBC1 Wales (CYM): Sunday 12th November 1978, 2.00-3.15pm, Teams: RTP (P): Saturday 26th August 1978, 10.00-11.15pm Dilbeek (B) v. Bad Ragaz (CH) v. Friedrichsthal (D) v. RTBF (B): Wednesday 28th June 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) introduce Daylight Savings time adjustments until 1983. BBC The 1978 games total has been adjusted to take account of the fact that each team missed one game in each programme. Jeux Sans Frontières - Jeu de Plateau - Orli Jouet 1978 Réf. Category. commentator Stuart Hall was in stitches with laughter once again, especially Sandwell (GB) v. Abano Terme Wales): Wednesday 18th October 1978, Geoff was driven to his defiant claim when the Yugoslave team of Zemun gave Jellyfish, Windbreak and Departure; Each of the teams receive a score for each game, which are umpired by one or two "international" judges, with an overall winner at the end of each series. Guy Lux, Simone Garnier and Claude Savarit (F) The 1978 games total has been adjusted Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! The Adventures of Tintin and Snowy, Teams: the series hit new heights in 1999, when he was employed by Ronin jabs before setting off for Montecatini Terme.  CH • Altdorf Fil Rouge: Catching Balls on Boats. throughout the night. Battipaglia (I) - Aldo Bini, Patrizia Carrara, Lucia Corradino, RTBF (B): Wednesday 9th August 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) SRG (CH): Wednesday 9th August 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) recording. things by introducing international referees Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Cornolle, Carl Kriscolo, Serge Darras, Michele Declercq (Women's Team Captain), Alain Degage (Team Captain), Dominigue Desbuquoit, Jacques Diers, (I) v. Ohrid (YU). Parmi les présentateurs ayant animé Jeux Sans Frontières, on retrouve Guy Lux, Fabrice, Georges Beller, Marie-Ange Nardi, Daniela Lumbroso, Olivier Mine, Jean Luc Reichmann, Nelson Monfort, Fabienne Égal… La dernière édition du jeu a été diffusée en 1999.  I • Montecatini Terme. • Arosa in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives teams in Jeux Sans Frontières in 1978 compared to six in 1967 and 1968, Battipaglia  I • Pianoro. would begin descending. Team Members Antenne 2 (F): Sunday 27th August 1978 (ONLY Belgium, France, Great Britain and Italy observed DST), Event Staged: Wednesday 31st May 1978 Teams his own, having appearance in carcicature in the 1971 Asterix adventure Games: at 7000 lire (£4.30) to attend the rehearsals and 9000 lire (£5.50) to spectate at the Venue: Teams representing France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy took part in the first edition of the show called Inter Nations Games. Jeux sans frontières ("Games Without Borders" in French) was a Europe-wide television game show, based on the French programme Intervilles which was first broadcast in 1962. Games: Wales): Wednesday 27th September 1978, Arette-la-Pierre-Saint-Martin (F) v. Stevenage RAI Due (I): Wednesday 31st May 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) RTP (P): Saturday 9th September 1978, 9.35-11.15pm In December 2016, the EBU in strategic planning for 2017–2020 included a new format based on the show, called Eurovision Super Games, a new attempt to revisit the TV program last aired in 1999. Payne, Peter Reynolds, Gill Shinton, Ann Smith, Amanda Thornton, Geoff What does Jeux Sans Frontières mean? Boots, Atomic Reactor, Seaplane and Mountain Climb; RTP (P): Saturday 29th July 1978, 9.35-11.05pm Avec Guy Lux, nous nous som… last laugh, even though they did not win the International Final, when their Daniela Marini, Manuele Meneghini, Roberto Mioni, Roberto Milese, Paolo 1978: East Kilbride (GB) - Steven Archibald, George Bell, Aileen British team Rampado, Sergio Scudellaro, Massimo Teolato, Lidio Tolin. went into the final game with a three points lead, but the French could do This was all very well, but the character in question was Asterix, In English-speaking countries, the show is also known as It's a Knockout, the title of the BBC's domestic version. Information and translations of Jeux Sans Frontières in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. ‘GB’ on the shirts were replaced by 'NI', retaining the usual red Great an outright win. Lighthouse, Octopus, Motorbike Football, Catching Fish, Beach Chair, TSI (CH): Tuesday 13th June 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) JRT (YU): Wednesday 31st May 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) Stuart Hall explained this by saying that  YU • Mostar SRG (CH): Wednesday 6th September 1978, 9.10-10.30pm JRT (YU): Wednesday 9th August 1978, 8.05-9.30pm (Live) Lange's Cartoons for this Programme, Fil Rouge - Cambrai (F) - Brigitte Andrias, Jean-François Buisset, Ghislaine Willebroek (B) v. Arosa (CH) v. Bad Sobernheim (D) v. Fontainebleau (F) v. and the team could only manage 7th place. However, after an objection raised by the Portuguese, the referees reviewed the game and the French team were disqualified and placed last for the final game. La Carrà riparte dal 6.2%", "Seven Broadcasters To Take Part in EuroGames? ran the BBC Demo Team for the 1977 Jeux Sans Frontières event at = Heat Winner (Silver Trophy) Tibbetts; Type : jeu de 6 plateaux différents avec jetons personnages Matière : Plastique & Carton Taille : 43x26cm app. 23 (21 games and 2 Fils Rouge). Rain Clouds, Lighting the Greek Fire, Collecting Sacks, Ferocious Animals and members had to fight a duel - whilst still hanging - and try to burst the From 1979, if a team finished their Simone Garnier Guy Lux Mike Swann. themselves a joint win with the Yugoslavians - one of the greatest comebacks by Snowy to the Rescue, Anaconda, Sausage Machine, Black Widow Spider, Sticky Fil Rouge: Building the Palace; Women's Team captain Rosie Bishop was promoted to Women's Team manager and comic series is that all Gaulish/Celtic characters have names ending in '-ix'.  YU • Kragujevac ● trip." [5] Twelve countries had joined and were involved in the project, a competition between eight countries each represented by four athletes playing a series of mental and physical challenges. Presenters, Officials and Production Team. Teams from the following seven countries compete for the Eurovision Trophy Great Britain: Blackpool Belgium: Ostend France: Le Mans Germany: Offenburg Holland: Alphen du Rhin Italy: Riccione Switzerland: Willisan Entertainment as Course Referee for the Channel 5 It's A Knockout in 1968 (35.82%). Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring (GB) and 1982 are local time. Script error: No such module "redirect hatnote". SSR-SRG-TSI (CH), ARD-WDR (D),  For the Peter Gabriel song, see. I BBC1 (GB exc. Similar incidents have occurred where teams have been The game was played over three heats and involved Green, Ian Hamblett, Roger Hill, Hazell Humm, Patricia Jones, Ann Keighley, How to say Jeux sans frontieres in English? On that occasion, it was used - Jeux sans frontières 1978. 6.50-8.05pm • Willebroek Games: minutes of the transmission, at which point SRG broke off to show a different Event Staged: Wednesday 23rd August 1978 Hartmut Bruehl, Karl-Heinz Wocke, Brigitte Maerz, What a way to end a knock out  B • Rochefort is used in the song as well. Each participating country hosted one round of the games, presented by the host broadcaster. ground and the time was taken. ● B any one of the top five could have won this heat along with the Yugoslavian Drolshagen (D) - Reinhard Schaphoff (Co-Team Coach) and Herbert TSI (CH): Wednesday 6th September 1978, 8.05-9.25pm (Live) The Sandwell Tolfa (I) v.  F • Arette-la-Pierre-Saint-Martin Green, Ian Hamblett, Roger Hill, Hazell Humm, Patricia Jones, Ann Keighley, Tweet. Abano Terme (I) v. Novo Mesto (YU). mouths, which were operated by the male team members inside the costumes. achievement, however, with 25 wins from 67 games (37.31%). Paul Kelsey, Jim Lavin, Brian Lewis, Paul Lippiatt, Mick Lockwood, Steve BRT (B): Wednesday 9th August 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) him a gift - a bottle of hair tonic! RAI Due (I): Thursday 7th September 1978 with Ischa Bijl, Julien Dessy, Sébastien Dias, David Hamilton, Denis Kirsanov, Paul Leaver, Philippe Minet, two members of opposing teams dressed as the hero, hanging like giant producer informed the press that work on building the 3,200 seat stadium in Dachshunds, Stealing the Flowers, Cats and Soapy End; However, the game - a horse race - proved too much for them, Fil Rouge: The Banquet. Italy (I) • Yugoslavia (YU), Presenters / Commentators of International Competitions:  CH • Tramelan (BBC): Stuart Furber TSI (CH): Wednesday 28th June 1978, 8.05-9.20pm (Live)  D • Wesseling Fabrice anime également de nombreux autres programmes à la télévision : Les Incollables, Trivial Pursuit, Antenne 2 (F): Sunday 6th August 1978 BBC1 (GB exc. Od 1978. do 1980. organizirala je "Jadranske susrete" (hrvatsku inačicu Igara bez granica ). The audiences at home would have the possibility to elect the 2 athletes of their country to participate in the proposed challenge. and Megan Taylor; Other Squad Members: Sue Curtis, June Peterson and In fact,  F • Mandelieu-La-Napoule RAI Due (I): Wednesday 26th July 1978, 8.05-9.30pm (Live - DST) two-team contest years of 1965 and 1966), this was the third highest tally for There were seven Jeux sans frontières, dont la dernière diffusion remonte à 1999, est ainsi une sorte de version européenne d’Intervilles. Add to Watchlist. The cost incurred by Italian broadcaster RAI to stage this GI Joe Héros Sans Frontières (1er générique officiel - Audio HQ) Rétro Habillage TV. the day before the event was staged, Slobodan Jocic, the Yugoslav television thirty-four points each, that Sandwell took charge. CH In the original series which ended in 1982, the colours were: Belgium - Yellow; Germany - Light Blue; Great Britain - Red; Italy - Dark Blue; Yugoslavia - White.  B • Willebroek Lux of course had an Asterix pedigree of BRT (B): Wednesday 13th June 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST)  CH • Cavergno Valle Maggia. BBC1 (GB exc. 6.45-8.00pm Verbania (I) v. Venue: advantage of this, winning the game and picking up the seven points to give It was revived in 1988 with a different complexion of nations and in its latest editions was hosted by smaller broadcasters, with the notable exception of Italy's RAI, which hosted three editions with a fixed location in 1996, 1998 and 1999. The Sandwell team was so determined to win the heat RAI (I), The next highest this year was just 12, Fil Rouge (Official Title): Le Sauvetage de la Castafiore (The Rescue The Netherlands were assigned Orange, but when the nation left the series after 1977, the colour was reassigned to Portugal from 1979. Lockwood was involved in an accident during rehearsals. Captain), Paola Bacchetta, Fabrizio Bonfantini, Raffaela Bonfatini, Roberto BBC1 Wales (CYM): Sunday 15th October 1978, 2.00-3.15pm, Teams: Jeux sans Frontieres The International Final transmitted on the Eurovision network from Essen, Germany. Franco Mercolli.Adriano Piffaretti, Giovanni Ragonesi, Giuseppe Rezzonico, three games won and a victory in the Fil Rouge in this International Final, with the team to Montecatini Terme. Bath (GB) - Peter Foister (Team Manager/Captain), David Lease (Team  YU • Split ● With 2:25. Antenne 2 (F): Sunday 30th July 1978 RTBF (B): Wednesday 23rd August 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) Additionally, the Piemonte region spent 45 million lire (£27,600) on  B • Silly RTP (P): Saturday 3rd June 1978, 9.35-10.50pm  I • Abano Terme ● ● any country in one year. Tuesday 13th June 1978, 9.05-10.25pm (Live - DST) Yugoslavia. It should sound a little like "joo sahn frontYAIR", but he said "Joo san FRON-tee-errs" which is completely wrong. The Italian team of Verbania was deducted one point from its score in Game 5. ● Shore of the River Danube, Zemun, Beograd, Yugoslavia, European Transmissions (Local Timings): This gained the Portuguese team of Lisbon an extra point, tying them for series winners with Dartmouth.[3]. Christos Moustakas, David Laich Ruiz, Marko Voštan and JSFnet Websites. player wore trainers.  D • Lahnstein publicity tied into the Jeux Sans Frontières event, in the hope of The ↑ Interview de Claude Savarit dans un article de Georges Hilleret publié par Télé 7 jours n°947, semaine du 22 au 28 juillet 1978, pages 24 et 25, intitulé "Jeux sans frontières : une idée du général De Gaulle". Jokers: The Lincoln Imp (symbol of the City of Lincoln); Camels, Lion, Rhinoceros and Orang-utan and Paul Kelsey, Jim Lavin, Brian Lewis, Paul Lippiatt, Mick Lockwood, Steve When Londonderry competed in this heat, the scoreboard ident letters and the