[35], Chewbacca and Kenobi discuss a potential business arrangement, During one of their smuggling attempts at the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Millennium Falcon was boarded and the two lost the cargo that they were hauling for their usual employer, Jabba the Hutt. However, the Resistance had also been tipped off, and Resistance T-70 X-wing starfighters led by Poe Dameron arrived to fight the First Order. [60], Chewbacca's desire to free his family and people led him to take part in Han Solo's campaign to liberate Kashyyyk from Imperial rule. Néanmoins, on ignore encore combien d’années précisément séparent ce nouvel opus et l’Épisode IV. Chewie managed to used his bowcaster to collapse a girder, temporarily delaying the swarm but denying the miners their only way out in the process. Solo managed to free Chewbacca and a hundred other prisoners including Norra's husband and Temmin's father Brentin Lore Wexley. Comparatif sites de streaming : Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc. [70], The old hero of the Rebellion offered them directions to Ochi's ship in the desert where he left it, as squadrons of TIEs and First Order dropships flew overhead. After not checking in, Leia and Artoo started looking for him. It was a Zabrak bartender who told them of Skywalker's location on Grakkus's palace and his direction, and Chewbacca and C-3PO set out to Skywalker's encounter. Chewbacca (/ tʃ uː ˈ b ɑː k ə /), nicknamed "Chewie", is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He was a legendary Wookiee from Kashyyyk and co-pilot of Han Solo's ship One by one, Chewbacca took them out and entered the Falcon. Chewie then fought with Tyvak but was trapped by the AT-ST walker. After that, they fled Nar Shaddaa. 112 kilograms[5] Unknown to Chewie and Zarro, Jaum was planning to export the Andelm beetle larvae to the Empire to be processed into Dedlanite, a substance used in the manufacture of blasters. After Skywalker was pit against Jabba's rancor and defeated it, the enraged Hutt ordered the execution of Chewbacca, Solo and Skywalker by casting them into the Great Pit of Carkoon in the Dune Sea, to be devoured by the sarlacc that resided there. However, Chewbacca convinced Solo that Odon and the prisoners needed the fuel more, and Solo relented. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. Following the liberation of Kashyyyk, Chewbacca stayed behind to reunite with his family at the insistence of Han Solo. Chewbacca chokes Lando Calrissian for betraying the group. Chewbacca, pretending to be an Imperial prisoner. While struggling through the tunnel, the Wookiee was haunted by memories of his enslavement at the hands of the Trandoshans. Shortly later, Chewie departed aboard the Millennium Falcon. «Il nous a quittés dans la soirée du 30 avril 2019, entouré par sa famille, chez lui dans le nord du Texas», ont annoncé ses proches sur son compte Twitter, jeudi 2 mai. Chewbacca holdt en tale, og overbeviste de andre Wookieer om at det var bedre at dø som en fri Wookiee, end at være slave og bekymre sig om klanens ære. Élevés au biberon, les chatons sont devenus très sociables. He further revealed that many years prior, he accompanied Luke went in search of the a Sith loyalist named Ochi, whom they believed held a key to locating one of the devices, but when they arrived, they found his ship abandoned. quelles sont les meilleurs offres de 2020 ? Chewbacca thereby became Solo's lifelong friend. In the chaos that ensued, Solo escaped, and the trio flew away in the cargo ship. [25], Despite Tyvak's efforts, Chewie and his friends managed to survive the explosion. A week later, they went to see her, and she told them that she had a tooka-sitting job for Chewbacca, and Solo was to remain with her. Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure, Chewie vs. Holochess - Let the Wookiee Win, A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy, Episode IV: A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD, Star Wars: A New Hope Graphic Novel Adaptation, The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – A Graphic Novel, The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure, Choose Your Destiny: A Luke & Leia Adventure, Han Solo vs. the Space Slug - The Escape Artist. They engaged the starfighters, defeating several of them, until the Miss Fortune's took a hit that damaged its navicomputer; Chewbacca saw Solo's nobler side when he decided to cover the 1550-LEX space yacht to make a run for Cyrkon's atmosphere just as the Vehement's tractor beam advanced towards them. Ancien champion d’haltérophile et culturiste anglais, il avait à la base était casté pour incarner le rôle de Chewbacca, autre personnage culte de « Star Wars ». [37] To maximise profits, Jaum also planned to sell his slave workforce to the Empire. After Qi'ra betrayed and killed Vos, Solo found and killed Beckett, but could only watch as he and Chewbacca were left behind, while Qi'ra left Savareen in Vos' yacht to meet Crimson Dawn leader Darth Maul. He … There, he returned to his village and gave a child a bandolier that belonged to the child's late father, who was being mourned at the moment. L’un des deux acteurs de Chewbacca, l’historique, est allé rejoindre la princesse Leia Organa. R2-D2 suddenly awoke and revealed that he held the map to Luke's location, with the only piece of the map missing being the one BB-8 was given by Poe. Comparatif : quelles sont les meilleures barres de son pour votre TV ? [50] Chewbacca was initially losing the fight, but when R2-D2 injected him with the antidote to the poison, Chewbacca started winning the fight. Her plan was to locate a hollowed part of the mine. Lâge de glace 2 diffuser des films rencontre femme fist avec sous-titre français gratuitement. Légendaire guerrier Wookiee et copilote du Faucon Millenium aux côtés du légendaire contrebandier Han Solo, Chewbacca fait partie du noyau de rebelles qui ont restauré la liberté dans la galaxie. They gave up the fuel they desperately needed, so that Odon could use the fuel to pay for her and the other prisoners' way home. After landing, Chewie knocked out an Imperial RA-7 protocol droid that Kai had sent to negotiate their surrender. While skeptical of the Wookiee's chance of success, the miners and Zarro agreed to support his plan. Despite the First Order being driven off, Han witnessed Kylo Ren carrying Rey away. L'acteur Peter Mayhew, le très populaire Chewbacca de "Star Wars", est mort mardi à l'âge de 74 ans. Dans la très courte séquence en question du trailer, on y voit Chewbacca s’approcher d’un autre personnage (féminin ou masculin ? Cherchez des exemples de traductions Chewbacca dans des phrases, écoutez à la prononciation et apprenez la grammaire. [70], On Kijimi, Poe tracked down an old contact of his, Zorii Bliss, who brought them to the droidsmith Babu Frik to override C-3PO's programming to read the Sith language on the dagger, at the cost of his memories. Chewbacca unleashes his rage against the intruding aliens. Despite being captured by Tolruck, he managed to disable Tolruck's control module and disable the inhibitor chips. He pulled at it, springing a trap that ensnared the entire group, thus resulting in the team being captured by Ewoks. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. Chewbacca then detonated the charges, allowing Poe to fly in and destroy the base's weak point thirty seconds before it drained the sun to charge the superweapon. [12], Despite his peaceful retirement, Chewbacca decided to join him when Han Solo resumed his smuggling activities. [21], Chewbacca escaped from the wreckage and followed the trio (with whom he communicated with thanks to Tano's understanding of Shyriiwook) to their hideout. [13], The Resistance celebrated their victory while Leia, Chewbacca, and Rey mourned Han's death. Star Wars : on connaît enfin l’âge de Chewbacca ! [15] He was married to a female named Mallatobuck, and had a family to support,[17] including a son named Lumpawaroo. After Solo's death, Chewbacca often served as the sole pilot of the Falcon, including piloting the ship to aid the Resistance during the Battle of Crait. Beckett managed to escape with the coaxium and Chewbacca as a hostage. This caused a chain reaction to go off, which would eventually result in destroying the base and leveling the entire planet's terrain. [70], Unbeknownst to Chewbacca and the crew, the Knights of Ren had arrived on Pasaana to hunt them down. [61], Chewbacca's repairs on the Falcon were when Solo had to venture outside during Hoth's night to rescue Skywalker. While Organa assassinated Jabba himself, the group went on to slay the rest of the Hutt's henchmen, before destroying the crime lord's sail barge and returning to the Rebel Fleet aboard the Falcon. Chewbacca is enslaved along with several other Wookiees. Later that night, after C-3PO's retelling of the events of Yavin and Cloud City, Chief Chirpa declared them all part of their tribe, with one Ewok giving Chewbacca an enthusiastic hug. Wookiee[3] [30], Solo and Chewbacca were later smuggling some Imperial cargo for Jabba the Hutt when they were stopped by an Imperial blockade. Comparatif sites de streaming : Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc. Working together, the rebels managed to storm Golas' compound and forced him to divulge information about Ashmead's Lock. Chewbacca deviendra […] The group sought refuge with Lando Calrissian, an old friend of Solo's, on Cloud City, but Calrissian betrayed them and turned them over to Darth Vader, the Emperor's chief enforcer, after his city was threatened. After the battle, he landed the ship and used it to evacuate the surviving members of the Resistance. When the war finally came to a close, Chewbacca returned home to Kashyyyk with his family. Fortunately, the strong familial bonds and the extended lifespan of the Wookiees allowed him to spend decades away from his people.[65]. par [64], Following a struggle with Ashmead Lock's computer system SOL-GDA, Solo and Jas managed to disable the prison's power generator, which was fueled by the prisoners who were held in stasis. Using his technical expertise and parts from the crashed transport, he constructed a transmitter to contact his people on his nearby homeworld; however, it seemingly failed and an impatient Jinx, supported by O-Mer, decided to lure down and hijack a hunting pod and take the base ship. R2-D2 acquired a few lightsabers from Grakkus, and they used them to fight the enemies. The droid had part of a map that led to the exiled Luke Skywalker, so the group brought the map to the Resistance that opposed the First Order, which had risen from the ashes of the Galactic Empire. Venturesome Luke Skywalker and dashing captain Han Solo team together with the loveable robot duo R2-D2 and C-3PO to rescue the beautiful princess and restore peace and … Le célèbre jeu de construction LEGO a recréé l’univers des Ewoks grâce au Set Lego 10236 Village Ewok présent dans la gamme Lego Ultimate Collection Serie. He was married to a female named Mallatobuck, and had a family to support, including a son named Lumpawaroo. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Read-Along Storybook and CD. In her frustration, lightning blasted from Rey's hand, destroying the transport and sending it crashing to the ground. Rappelons qu’il sera néanmoins présenté en exclusivité mondiale au prochain Festival de Cannes. Thus Chewbacca quickly decided that saving those still alive was the better alternative. [38], While the miners discussed a way of digging themselves out of the mine, Chewie came up with the idea of climbing out vertically through a sinkhole. They were being pursued by the Empire, and Flax, who was worried about being put in an Imperial prison, pulled a blaster on Han. Pour lâge… The group were hired by Crimson Dawn to steal a train car of refined coaxium on Vandor. Celui qui a incarné le monstre de Frankenstein dans Casino royale (1967) est également apparu en 1971 dans Orange mécanique de Stanley Kubrick, où il jouait le garde du corps. Their game was interrupted by an alarm from the cockpit, and Chewbacca ordered his opponents not to turn off the game as he left to check it, but Finn and Poe agreed that he was cheating and shut off the holochess board. Chewie was later seen aboard the Millennium Falcon when Luke came in to remember all the good times he had in his adventure. He, along with many other Rebels, worked on keeping the ship afloat while flying it towards Tureen VII. [10], That night, Organa freed Solo from his encasement at the cost of her freedom, for Jabba had caught her red-handed, and whereas the princess was to remain at the Hutt's side, Solo was thrown in a cell together with Chewbacca, who gave him a passionate embrace, happy to reunite with his old friend, and told him that Skywalker would free them with the skills he had learned as a Jedi Knight.[10]. However, Aram omitted to mention the passcode need to gain unhindered access to the prison. De là, on peut en déduire que Chewbacca aurait donc bien plus de 200 ans au moment de la Bataille de Yavin, qui se déroule après Solo A Star Wars Story. As a result, the remaining Imperial Star Destroyer Neutralizer capitulated to the New Republic. Solo and Chewbacca tracked down Calrissian to Numidian Prime. Chewbacca fought Dengar until Solo and Organa arrived, and Solo shot Dengar in the back. Subsequently, he went to a cantina and played sabacc, successfully doubling his credits. [3], During the hyperspace journey, while Kenobi trained Skywalker in the use of the Force, Chewbacca played a game of dejarik with R2-D2, who made a move that Chewbacca disliked. - Recréez des scènes inoubliables des films Star Wars classiques. When his friend Han Solo briefly went missing while conducting a night time search and rescue mission on the planet Hoth, Chewbacca was visibly upset and worried while he awaited Solo's return. [64], In the successive months, Chewbacca took part in mopping up operations against the remaining Imperial holdouts on Kashyyyk. Zarro's escape plan encountered a problem when she was caught by Jaum and his men. [13], Seeing this, Han, Chewbacca, Finn, and Rey tried to create an opening by planting thermal detonators inside the base. Chronological and political information Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Lando showed them a hologram of a Sith wayfinder and explained that only two were ever created. Noticing that the serpent was wounded, Rey approached and used the Force to heal its injuries, satiating it and providing them an exit out of the tunnels. Despite Zarro accidentally activating a thermal detonator which destroyed the ship's left-wing, they managed to crash-land the bomber on Andelm IV. [18], At some point during the Clone Wars, a galaxy-spanning conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists,[1] Chewbacca famously shielded his allies,[19] and served as a combat engineer while other Wookiee soldiers led the charge in battle. While imprisoned in an underground holding cell, Han used his knowledge of Shyriiwook to convince Chewbacca to stage a fight with him after realizing that one of the supports in the cell was weak, and that destroying it would allow them to escape imprisonment. [7] Chewbacca, grateful for Solo's intervention, proclaimed a life debt to the outlaw. Even though he was feeling the effects of Triple-Zero's poison, Chewbacca started fighting Krrsantan. [45] Just as Chewbacca and C-3PO were planning to break into Grakkus's palace, they were attacked by Dengar. [60], However, with the Falcon's damaged hyperdrive, they were unable to leave the system and escape the Imperial blockade, which prompted Solo to pilot the ship into a nearby asteroid field, hoping that the Imperials would be unwilling to follow them there. [25] Like them, he was forced into slavery, working to cut the wroshyr trees in order to feed the Imperial Army. they plan is made to hack into C-3PO's programming to bypass the restrictions. [70], Aboard the Star Destroyer Steadfast, General Hux presented to Allegiant General Pryde a "valuable prisoner" taken during the fighting: Chewbacca, still alive and safe aboard a different transport. Chewbacca and the crew hurried through the crowds to the fringes of the festival, eventually stealing a pair of skiff speeders and attracting the attention of two First Order treadspeeders, which began a fierce pursuit aided by jet troopers. [16] Chewbacca was notably faster at operating the Falcon's controls, a fact he kept hidden from Han to prevent hurting the smuggler's ego. [48] While Han Solo faced off against Doctor Chelli Aphra, Chewbacca ripped the arms off of Triple-Zero, a homicidal protocol droid. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! C-3PO identified the writing as a Sith language depicting the location of the wayfinder, but revealed that his programming restricted him from translating the script. 06/01 During the last days of the war,[1] Lieutenant[22] Chewbacca was a major player in the Battle of Kashyyyk, overseeing the confrontation between the Grand Army of the Republic and the invading Separatist Droid Army alongside Tarfful and Jedi General Yoda, as well as Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. However, one of Jabba's staff fired at them, injuring Chewbacca, and leaving the near-blind Solo to rescue Calrissian from falling into the pit. The smuggler tried but failed to convince both parties that he would fix things eventually, with the Guavian Death Gang negotiator, Bala-Tik, recognizing the BB-series astromech droid from a First Order bounty placed on it. Homeworld However, their elation was short-lived and they were soon arrested by scout troopers reporting to the Imperial Commander Kai, the same officer who was interested in Jaum's dedlanite deal. However, Jaum's Shistavanen enforcer Tyvak fired on the incendiary larvae with his blaster, igniting an explosion that created a cave-in. [16], At one point, Han Solo and Chewbacca were transporting two tons of Cordaxian ore on Odona, with the help of Frax, a Kajain'sa'Nikto. Part of the Wookiee's left leg was scorched by fire but Zarro managed to douse it. At this time, Kylo Ren established a connection with Rey through their Force-bond and stole a necklace she had received from the Aki-Aki. Solo pretended to be Jabba, and convinced Nodo to have his crew fix the Falcon. Matrix : pourquoi l’Oracle a dit à Néo qu’il n’était pas l’Élu ? They were eventually brought to Calrissian's carbon-freezing facilities where Solo was to be frozen in carbonite to test it before Skywalker arrived, for Vader desired to encase Skywalker in carbonite and present him to the Emperor. [45], As a Wookiee, Chewbacca knew passion and thus, the Rebellion, and would have stood with them from the beginning, if not for Solo and the Falcon; he would not abandon them as he was bound to both, as they were to him. [40], Zarro made up a story that Jaum was a fraudster who had come to scam Kai. After Solo's son Ben, turned to the dark side and destroyed Skywalker's new generation of Jedi, Chewbacca reunited with his old friend and the two spent many years as smugglers once more. Chewbacca looked to the sky and cheered as he witnessed the final destruction of the battle station and, later that night, he celebrated at Bright Tree Village over a bonfire; Chewbacca danced in triumph along with his friends, old and new. During the trip, Solo and Chewbacca were attacked by several TIE fighters. To back up her story, Zarro told him that Jaum's "droid" "Boomer" was rigged with explosives. After finding Alderaan was destroyed, the group was brought aboard the Death Star, where they helped Princess Leia Organa escape from captivity and return to the Rebel base on Yavin 4. [7], Knowing they would need a fast ship to transport the coaxium before it degraded and exploded, Qi'ra introduced the pair to Lando Calrissian. Chewbacca, Solo and Ematt confronted by Alecia Beck. [52], Later, Chewbacca assisted the rebellion in commandeering the Star Destroyer Harbinger. She got Chewbacca to search for an open air vent for the slave miners to escape. The Empire consequently launched an all-out assault on the planet, forcing Chewbacca, Solo, Organa and C-3PO to flee on the Millennium Falcon. On the moon, they advanced through the forest and encountered Imperial scouts, to whom Solo accidentally reveal their position. L’actrice Tanya Roberts, « James Bond Girl », est toujours en vie après l’annonce de son décès, 04/01 Peter Mayhew, the British actor known for playing Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy and two other films in the Jedi film series, has died. They and the remainder of the Resistance fleet managed to escape Starkiller Base as it erupted into a star, and entered hyperspace to return to D'Qar. Rey, however, had learned from Luke Skywalker's notes in the Jedi texts of a relic known as a Sith wayfinder that could lead to Exegol. Comparatif de casques à réduction de bruit : quel est le meilleur ? During the fighting at the castle, despite killing multiple stormtroopers, Han, Chewbacca, and Finn were captured by the First Order. [70], The Falcon arrived at the Sinta Glacier Colony, and Finn opened the docking hatch to meet a Resistance informant, Boolio, who informed them about a spy in the First Order and gave them a message in the form of a data encoder, ordering them to give it to General Organa. However, Han and Chewie were determined to proceed with their campaign to liberate Kashyyyk. L'acteur Peter Mayhew, qui a longtemps endossé le costume de Chewbacca, extraterrestre géant et poilu de la saga "Star Wars", est mort à l'âge de 74 ans Chewbacca came up with a plan, and he and Trillick flew back to Coruscant. Before the ship reached Ushruu, the two bonded, as Trillick told Chewbacca about how her planet had been ravaged by the Empire, and she was also being blackmailed by Aloo, who had one of her peoples' sacred texts. [40], While Chewie turned down Zarro's request to stay behind with her people, he still gave her a hug and awarded her a gold medallion he had received for his services during the Battle of Yavin. Now being hunted down, Chewbacca lost contact with the team as he made his way to the Falcon.[8]. While Chewbacca attempted to board a gunship captained by Kirratha, they were attacked by two Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters. Clone Commander Gree, Yoda, and Chewbacca on Kashyyyk. Soon enough, the Miss Fortune opened fire at the Imperials, and Chewbacca made his way to the Falcon to start the engines while Solo helped Ematt and recovered their weapons. In the meantime, Chewie and Zarro managed to escape on a TIE/sa bomber. [60], Aware of Solo's location on Jabba's Palace, the team gradually infiltrated the fortress to rescue the Corellian: First, Calrissian infiltrated as a guard, then the droids as Skywalker's "gift," then Leia Organa posing as the bounty hunter Boushh with Chewbacca as her quarry; she convinced Jabba with a thermal detonator, so the Hutt had Chewbacca imprisoned. [3], Skywalker was hopeful that Chewbacca and Solo would join the Rebellion, but Solo was more concerned with receiving his payment in order to pay his debt to Jabba. Quelles sont les meilleures montres GPS pour le sport en 2020 ? Skywalker did indeed arrive and requested an audience with Jabba by influencing the crime lord's major-domus Bib Fortuna. [16], Chewbacca slipped away with Solo to the Miss Fortune cantina, where they found their old friend Delia Leighton, to whom they asked about Ematt's location. Audio clips of Chewbacca, a character in the Star Wars Universe, known as Chewie by his friends. They started being chased by several TIE fighters, and they were faced with a choice: surrender, or drop the Imperial cargo. [60], Separated from the others, Chewbacca began to partially reassemble C-3PO, when Solo was escorted back by stormtroopers, having been tortured by Vader, with Organa. [64] Chewbacca loved his wife Mallatobuck and son Lumpawaroo, who had been separated from him by the Empire. L’ancienne star de Liverpool Michael Robinson est décédée à l’âge de 61 ans après avoir succombé à un cancer de la peau. [11] Chewbacca temporarily escaped but was turned over to the Empire by a back-stabbing[26] and greedy[4] Kowakian monkey-lizard[26] bounty hunter. But the ship, on autopilot, pulled them into hyperspace. Au cours du conflit galactique opposant la République Galactique à la Confédération des Systèmes Indépendants, Chewbacca fut capturé par une guilde de chasseurs Trandoshan dirigée par Garnac et emmené sur Wasskah où les apprentis Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Jinx et O-Merétaient déjà retenus prisonniers. In truth, it was a meeting with Darth Vader, who had arrived to Cloud City before the Rebel team did and forced Calrissian into a deal to have them imprisoned. Organa's attempted rescue of Chewbacca ended with the wampa waking up. Première apparition dans l’épisode III puis dans tous ceux qui suivront ou le précéderont, difficile de s’y retrouver avec Star Wars. [35], When they found a place to land, they found dead Trandoshans, sent to find the artifact by Janus Greejatus. [56], At some point, Organa was nearly captured by the Empire while transporting important information on Skorii-Lei, but escaped with the help of an inhabitant of the planet named Pash Davane. Chewbacca accompanied the others and successfully entered the Imperial base. Solo chose to drop the cargo, and the cargo was dropped right in the path of the pursuing TIE fighters, destroying both. Princess Leia is captured and held hostage by the evil Imperial forces in their effort to take over the galactic Empire. Chewbacca, Luke, Han Solo, and R2-D2 then all fled from BT-1, a homicidal astromech droid. For his appearance in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Chewbacca was completely remade, with newer, more efficient and cost-effective materials. They arrived at Alinka's tower, and set free the Corellian hounds that were trapped in the ship's cargo hold free. Not wanting Rey and Finn to be involved, Han placed both of them in the lower corridors of the freighter while he and Chewie went to meet with the criminals, with BB-8 accompanying them. Enlisting Chewie's support, they traveled to the planet's spaceport. While heading to regroup with the other miners in a different section of the mine, Chewie encountered the guard he had knocked out with the GNK power droid. [58], Later, Solo was asked by Mothma to transport Grakkus to a Rebel holding facility in the catacombs of Akiva. Evading several pursuing TIE fighters, they landed the ship inside a cave of a large asteroid, where they hoped to hide from Imperial forces and complete repairs. Lallani had heard Jabba was there, and wanted to capture him. - Cet ensemble offre une expérience de construction adaptée à lâge pour les enfants de 14 ans et plus. Once finished, remove this notice. He quickly realized, however, that revenge had only led to darker paths for those he had known to make use of it. Chewbacca and Solo continued their partnership. Promised 2,000 credits in advance and an additional 15,000 upon arrival to Alderaan, Solo and Chewbacca agreed to the commission, escaping from Imperial vessels as they left Tatooine. Basés sur la planète glacée de Hoth, les rebelles essuient un assaut des troupes impériales. [67], Shortly afterward, Chewbacca arrived with the Millennium Falcon to rescue the scavenger and Finn, who was severely wounded by Ren. He quickly commandeered a snow speeder and headed back to the Millenium Falcon which was guarded by six Snowtroopers. Encore un mois et demi à attendre avant de pouvoir visionner Solo A Star Wars Story, le nouvel opus de la saga initiée par George Lucas il y a plus de quarante ans. Chewbacca, Han and Finn are captured by the First Order on Takodana. After Endor and the rise of the New Republic, Chewbacca and Solo fought to liberate Kashyyyk from the Empire. Sensing Kylo Ren's presence, Rey walked out into the desert to confront him alone, but Chewbacca was captured by the Knights before he could retrieve her. Despite encountering trouble, Chewbacca and the others managed to escape from the Death Star—except for Kenobi, who had died in a duel with Darth Vader. Please click the dropdown below to see the full list. [16] Few people knew that he had a mushy heart under his warrior exterior. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. They were stopped by Organa and Skywalker, who were separated, prompting Chewbacca, Solo, the droids and Skywalker to search for her while the rest of the Rebel team made their way to the generator, to rendezvous with them the next morning. 99 $44.99 $44.99 [27], In 10 BBY, after Han Solo was denounced as a deserter by Tobias Beckett, a criminal impersonating an Imperial officer, his commanding officer decided to execute him by giving him to "the beast."

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