Popular methods of advertising include television, product placement in toys, games, educational materials, songs, and movies, character licensing and celebrity endorsements, and websites. To deny a child "desirable things" such as the advertised fast food restaurant can cause stigmatization of parents as the "mean parent" when it is common among other parents to comply with their child's desires.[38]. Flatbread and falafel are today ubiquitous in the Middle East. Le petit plus sera des visites de cuisines étoilées avec des rencontres de grands chefs qui vous donneront des petites astuces pour vos plats préférés. [43], A study done by researchers from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College saw results that suggest that when children watch more commercial television (and see more advertisements on fast food), they are more inclined to ask to visit these subsequent fast food restaurants. Fast food is a type of mass-produced food designed for commercial resale and with a strong priority placed on "speed of service" versus other relevant factors involved in culinary science. In Ancient Rome, cities had street stands – a large counter with a receptacle in the middle from which food or drink would have been served. [51] On January 31, 1990 McDonald's opened a restaurant in Moscow and broke opening-day records for customers served. [14] The National Restaurant Association forecasts that fast food restaurants in the US will reach $142 billion in sales in 2006, a 5% increase over 2005. Fast Food Nation. "Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All American Meal" HarperCollins Publishers, 2005. It is a sweet, vinegary and low fat mayonnaise substitute, that the Dutch nevertheless still call "mayonnaise". Other fast food outlets, primarily the hamburger outlets (McDonald's, Burger King, etc.) Fast food este termenul care se referă la mâncarea preparată rapid și care este servită în restaurantele de specialitate. Het wordt doorgaans verkocht bij daarvoor gespecialiseerde restaurants en kraampjes zoals snackbars.. De fastfoodindustrie is een zeer grote, lucratieve industrie, die groeit doordat mensen steeds minder tijd nemen om zelf te koken. Levinstein, Harvey. The chorus was based on the Moroccan folk tune "A Ram Sam Sam". Variations on the fast food restaurant concept include fast casual restaurants and catering trucks. November 13, 2015. [13], In the United States, consumers spent about US$110 billion on fast food in 2000 (which increased from $6 billion in 1970). [29], Some of the large fast food chains are beginning to incorporate healthier alternatives in their menu, e.g., white meat, snack wraps, salads, and fresh fruit. Most options are some form of noodles, rice, or meat. Richard McDonald (ici en 1991), fondateur de l'enseigne avec son frère Maurice. Often this seafood was cooked directly on the quay or close by. The law was reintroduced in 2005, only to meet the same fate. However, some differences do exist to tailor to particular cultural differences. [26] Sometimes it is necessary for a franchisee to modify the way the restaurant/store runs to meet the needs of local customers. April 10, 2013. Con la llegada de los populares drive-through en los años 1940 en Estados Unidos, periodo en el que se hace muy popular servir comidas sin necesidad de salir de un coche, el concepto "fast food" se instala en la vida de Occidente. Bowman, Steven L. Gortmaker, Cara B. Ebbeling, Mark A. Pereira, David S. Ludwig. - Derrière le bar : où chaque semaine vous apprendrez a réalisé un cocktails et bien plus encore. Other prominent international fast food companies include Burger King, the number two hamburger chain in the world, known for promoting its customized menu offerings (Have it Your Way). Harvey's is a Canadian-only burger restaurant chain, present in every province. 1952)[3][4][5][6] are multinational corporations with outlets across the globe. They are of the view that other social factors such as television watching, video games and playing were controlled to assess the real impacts of the fast foods. [8], At roughly the same time as Kroc was conceiving what eventually became McDonald's Corporation, two Miami, Florida businessmen, James McLamore and David Edgerton, opened a franchise of the predecessor to what is now the international fast food restaurant chain Burger King. In Canada the majority of fast food chains are American owned or were originally American owned but have since set up a Canadian management/headquarters locations such as Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Five Guys, and Carl's Jr.. [51], In 2003, McDonald's was sued in a New York court by a family who claimed that the restaurant chain was responsible for their teenage daughter's obesity and attendant health problems. Multinational corporations typically modify their menus to cater to local tastes, and most overseas outlets are owned by native franchisees. The customer chooses the size of the container they wish to buy, and then is free to fill it with their choice of food. There are two basic requirements identified in the guidelines for foods that are advertised for children: (1) The food has to include healthful ingredients; (2) The food can't contain unhealthful amounts of sugar, Saturated fat, Trans fat, and salt. Print. [46] Some outlets offering Halal options include KFC, Nando's, Pizza Express, and Subway. Although a vast variety of food can be "cooked fast", "fast food" is a commercial term limited to food sold in a restaurant or store with frozen, preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away. [49] McDonald's alone, has outlets in 126 countries on 6 continents and operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide.[50]. The term "fast food" was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam–Webster in 1951. Êndi gelê doktor u diyetisyeni qebulkenê ke fast food insanan tehdit keno.Fast food waxto modern de kewt kulindanê dınya. Another concept Kroc added was great swaths of glass which enabled the customer to view the food preparation, a practice still found in chains such as Krispy Kreme. [35] With obesity especially being seen among children, places like McDonald's and other fast food restaurants take the majority of the blame. Homes in emerging cities often lacked adequate space or proper food preparation accouterments. Such fast food outlets often come with a "drive-through" service that lets customers order and pick up food from their vehicles. In 2018, the fast food industry was worth an estimated $570 billion globally.[1]. Hirschman, Charles, and Irina Voloshin. [47] [9] Many fast foods tend to be high in saturated fat, sugar, salt and calories. Maid-Rite restaurant is one of the oldest chain fast food restaurants in the United States. The fast food industry is popular in the United States, the source of most of its innovation, and many major international chains are based there. 113 No. chili con carne, potetstappe eller salater. A clean atmosphere was only part of Kroc's grander plan which separated McDonald's from the rest of the competition and attributes to their great success. Burger King has more than 11,100 restaurants in more than 65 countries. Outlets may be stands or kiosks, which may provide no shelter or seating,[2] or fast food restaurants (also known as quick service restaurants). Paradox of Plenty: a Social History of Eating in Modern America. Merdumo modern bêwaxt bi, her çi ebe teqeze resnênê ta, werdena xorê ki zaf waxt nêmendêne. A New Restaurant Genre Offers Manhattan More Choices", "Commodity Policy and Agricultural Subsidies", "Fast Food FACTS — Fast Food Facts in Brief", "More Research Suggests Fast-Food Advertising Works on Children", "Children's Reaction to Depictions of Healthy Foods in Fast-Food Television Advertisements", "It's Harder To Get A Job At McDonald's Than It Is To Get Into Harvard", "Trying to raise a family on a fast-food salary", "Our Life Policy Research Notes on takeaways – The UK fast-food market", "World's Largest McDonald's in Orlando, FL", "Are fast food restaurants an environmental risk factor for obesity? Others have indoor or outdoor seating areas where customers can eat on-site. Many other types of home based fast food operations were closed in the 1970s and 1980s after McDonald's became the number one outlet in the market[citation needed]. [38] Due to this competition, fast food giants have seen dramatic drops in their sales. McLamore had visited the original McDonald's hamburger stand belonging to the McDonald brothers; sensing potential in their innovative assembly line-based production system, he decided he wanted to open a similar operation of his own. After discovering that most of their profits came from hamburgers, the brothers closed their restaurant for three months and reopened it in 1948 as a walk-up stand offering a simple menu of hamburgers, french fries, shakes, coffee, and Coca-Cola, served in disposable paper wrapping. When ordering it is very often abbreviated to met (literally "with"). use mass-produced pre-prepared ingredients (bagged buns & condiments, frozen beef patties, prewashed/sliced vegetables, etc.) Pizza is a common fast food category in the United States, with nationwide chains including Papa John's, Domino's Pizza, Sbarro and Pizza Hut. FEBO is one of the largest of such types of fast-food restaurants with automats.[20]. Ready made food at a Haldiram's restaurant in Delhi for quick service. KFC and Domino's Pizza have recently entered the country. ", "Differential associations of fast food and restaurant food consumption with 3-y change in body mass index: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study", "Environmental Influences on Eating and Physical Activity", The Role of Built Environments in Physical Activity, Eating, and Obesity in Childhood, "Fast Food Consumption, Quality of Diet, and Obesity among Isfahanian Adolescent Girls", Study finds deregulation fuelling obesity epidemic. American chains such as Domino's Pizza, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and KFC have a big presence in Japan, but local gyudon chains such as Sukiya, Matsuya and Yoshinoya also blanket the country. It is usually rapidly served in cartons, bags, or in a plastic wrapping, in a fashion which reduces operating costs by allowing rapid product identification and counting, promoting longer holding time, avoiding transfer of bacteria, and facilitating order fulfillment. McDonald's carried out a trial but decided that the cost of operations would be too high. A quick serving of South Indian thali at Haldiram's Gurgaon restaurant. Singer, Peter and Mason, Jim. In 1896, the first self-service restaurant (the "Stollwerck-Automatenrestaurant") opened in Berlin's Leipziger Straße. Another international fast food chain is KFC, which sells chicken-related products and is the number 1 fast food company in the People's Republic of China. Collaborative design techniques, such as rapid visualization and computer-aided design of restaurant kitchens are now being used to establish equipment specifications that are consistent with restaurant operating and merchandising requirements. Chains like McDonald's offer kosher branches. Schlosser, Eric. [citation needed], Over time, fast food restaurants have been growing rapidly, especially in urban neighborhoods. Fast food hè una parulla inglese chì vole dì : «alimentazione rapida». -aufnahme im Vordergrund stehen und auf traditionelle Esskultur weitgehend verzichtet wird. Essentially, in order to successfully launch this American brand in a foreign country, McDonald's interpreted the local interests of consumers in Moscow by promoting the origins of the produce used in the restaurant. While it may not be so obvious today, fast food is on its way to healthier foods and menus. (Levinstein, p.228-229), Emerging Research on Islamic Marketing and Tourism in the Global Economy, p 123, El-Gohary, Hatem - 2014, (Mello, Michelle M, et al. The food served in fast food restaurants is typically part of a "meat-sweet diet", offered from a limited menu, cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot, finished and packaged to order, and usually available for take away, though seating may be provided. In the Netherlands, walk-up fast food restaurants with automatiek, a typical Dutch vending machine, are found throughout the country, most notably in Amsterdam. A Dutch fast food meal often consists of a portion of french fries (called friet or patat) with a sauce and a meat product. [citation needed]. Maid-Rites can be found in the midwest - mainly Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Missouri. Die Kategorie beinhaltet auch Gerichte, die regional keiner Hauptmahlzeit, sondern für eine Zwischenmahlzeit, Snack, Imbiss, Vesper u.ä. By making speed of service the priority, this ensured that customers with strictly limited ti… In large cities, these restaurants may offer free delivery for purchases over a minimum amount. [9] By 1959 McLamore and Edgarton were operating several locations within the Miami-Dade area and were growing at a fast clip. [citation needed]. This includes meals serviced at 17,000 fast food outlets. Siu mei is offered throughout the day. [35] The number of children and adolescents as well as adults eating out everyday is only seen to progress and rise. Most of these have had to make a lot of changes to their standard menus to cater to Indian food habits and taste preferences. In the Philippines, fast-food is the same as in the US. as fast food. In Los Angeles County, for example, about 45% of the restaurants in South Central Los Angeles are fast-food chains or restaurants with minimal seating. [60], Fast-food chains have come under criticism over concerns ranging from claimed negative health effects, alleged animal cruelty, cases of worker exploitation, and claims of cultural degradation via shifts in people's eating patterns away from traditional foods. [15] In Asia, 12th century Chinese ate fried dough, soups and stuffed buns, all of which still exist as contemporary snack food. In 2005, for example, rioters in Karachi, Pakistan, who were initially angered because of the bombing of a Shiite mosque, destroyed a KFC restaurant.[50]. [27] The BLS's projected job outlook expects average growth and excellent opportunity as a result of high turnover. After the original company began to falter in 1959, it was purchased by McLamore and Edgerton who renamed the company Burger King.[11]. Lieu où l'on mange ces plats. Fast food zıwanê ma de beno rew werdış, namê werdanê ke bufe u restoranan de pewciyenê u uca de weriyenê. C'est un travail ingrat ; l'ambiance est assez lourde et le directeur semble bien étrange. Jump to navigation Jump to search fast food food prepared and served in a small amount of time. Petrol Stations in Australia sell foods such as hot pies, sandwiches, and chocolate bars, which are easy for a customer to access while on their journey. Although the case is usually American fast food chains expanding into Canada, Canadian chains such as Tim Hortons have expanded into 22 states in the United States, but are more prominent in border states such as New York and Michigan. Most of the time they can be upgraded to a larger side and drink for a small fee. La chanson «Sénégal fast-food» a été interprétée par Amadou & Mariam Paroles de la chanson: C'est au Mahattan fast-food Dakar Sénégal cinéma le Paris, Demain je serais parti, La gare Dakar, Bamako Mopti Y'a pas de problèmes? However, in April 2011, McDonald's hired approximately 62,000 new workers and received a million applications for those positions—an acceptance rate of 6.2%. [20] By 1910, there were more than 25,000 fish and chip shops across the UK, and in the 1920s there were more than 35,000 shops. This sense of reliability coupled with a positive customer experience brings customers to place trust in the company. "Are Children Prey for Fast Food Companies?" Mariner Books. Prince Castle salesman Ray Kroc traveled to California to discover why the company had purchased almost a dozen of the units as opposed to the normal one or two found in most restaurants of the time. [41], The Australian fast food market is valued at more than 2.7 billion GPB and is composed of 1.4 billion fast food meals. Nearly from its inception, fast food has been designed to be eaten "on the go," often does not require traditional cutlery, and is eaten as a finger food. "Honk for Service: A Man, A Tray and the Glory Days of the Drive-In Restaurant". Upon opening for business, the franchisee oversees the day-to-day operations of the restaurant and acts as a manager of the store. Il est fondé sur le livre Fast Food Nation, écrit par Éric Schlosser. dosłownie „szybka żywność”) – rodzaj pożywienia szybko przygotowywanego i serwowanego na poczekaniu, na ogół taniego. Für die Hersteller dieser Speisen siehe Kategorie:Betrieb der Systemgastronomie und Kategorie:Betriebsstätte der Imbissgastronomie.. Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart had already opened the first Horn & Hardart Automat in Philadelphia in 1902, but their "Automat" at Broadway and 13th Street, in New York City, created a sensation. The American company White Castle, founded by Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson in Wichita, Kansas in 1921, is generally credited with opening the second fast food outlet and first hamburger chain, selling hamburgers for five cents each. McDonald's in India, for example, uses chicken and paneer rather than beef and pork in their burgers because Hinduism traditionally forbids eating beef. The largest McDonald's in the world, with 25,000 feet of play tubes, an arcade and play center, is located in Orlando, Florida, United States[52][clarification needed], There are numerous other fast food restaurants located all over the world. [56] Wienerwald has spread from Germany into Asia[57] and Africa. Webb, Andrew (2011). The Dark Side of All American Meals. It trails only the burger industry in supplying children's fast food calories. In August 2002, a group of overweight children in New York City filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's Corporation seeking compensation for obesity-related health problems, improved nutritional labeling of McDonald's products, and funding for a program to educate consumers about the dangers of fast food. Fast food chains rely on consistency and uniformity, in internal operations and brand image, across all of their restaurant locations in order to convey a sense of reliability to their customers. [citation needed], Eating fast food has been linked to, among other things, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance conditions and depression. [29], The National Employment Law Project wrote in 2013, "according to a study by researchers at the University of California-Berkeley, more than half (52 percent) of front-line fast-food workers must rely on at least one public assistance program to support their families. Many consumers nonetheless see them as symbols of the wealth, progress, and well-ordered openness of Western society and they therefore become trendy attractions in many cities around the world, particularly among younger people with more varied tastes. Levinstein, Harvey. Chinese takeaways/takeout restaurants are particularly popular in Western countries such as the US and UK. 112–118, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Tray Days Publishing, 2004, Schlosser, Eric. Rentrons dans le vif du sujet. [40] Calorie for calorie, foods sold in fast food restaurants, costs less and is more energy-dense, and is made mostly of products that the government subsidizes heavily: corn, soy, and beef. [52] Although further lawsuits have not materialized, the issue is kept alive in the media and political circles by those promoting the need for tort reform. [45], According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 4.1 million U.S. workers are employed in food preparation and serving (including fast food) as of 2010. Harper Collins Publishers. [22] Unlike western fast food chains, these restaurants offer four different menus at different times of the day, namely breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Common menu items at fast food outlets include fish and chips, sandwiches, pitas, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, tacos, pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream, though many fast food restaurants offer "slower" foods like chili, mashed potatoes, and salads. [41] According to Jason Daley, healthful fast food takeoff is explained by the fact that it has "ceased to be a thing-now, it's simply expected. [47] There have also been court cases involving start-up businesses during attempts to alter the halal-certified method by machine killing, which is against the beliefs of some Muslims. fast-food (n.m.). [79], Despite so much popularity, fast foods and fast-food chains have adverse impacts not only on the job and social skills, but on the health and academic performance of students. [26], For the most part, someone visiting a McDonald's in the United States will have the same experience as someone visiting a McDonald's in Japan. Many fast foods are rich in calories as they include considerable amounts of mayonnaise, cheese, salt, fried meat, and oil, thus containing high fat content (Schlosser). [3], Fast food began with the first fish and chip shops in Britain in the 1860s. [citation needed] Drive-through restaurants were first popularized in the 1950s in the United States. Most international fast food chains like Subway, McDonald's, Burger King etc. 22 no. A patatje speciaal, with frietsaus, curry ketchup or tomato ketchup, and chopped raw onions, is popular fast food in the Netherlands. [27] The choice to introduce a shrimp burger was no coincidence, as a 1989 study stated that world consumption of shrimp was "led by Japan." Berkeley: University of California P, 2003. Fish and chip shops are usually owned independently. William Ingram's and Walter Anderson's White Castle System created the first fast food supply chain to provide meat, buns, paper goods, and other supplies to their restaurants, pioneered the concept of the multi-state hamburger restaurant chain, standardized the look and construction of the restaurants themselves, and even developed a construction division that manufactured and built the chain's prefabricated restaurant buildings. Le soir, alors que Buffy discute avec Spike qui est venu la voir, un employé est assassiné. Ajoutons également qu’elle est très « chimique ». In addition, although some people dislike fast food for its predictability, it can be reassuring to a hungry person in a hurry or far from home. In 2012 the fast food industry spent $4.6 billion to advertise unhealthy products to children and teens according to a report by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Despite the success of their operation, the partners discovered that the design of the insta-broiler made the unit's heating elements prone to degradation from the drippings of the beef patties. The products contained Starlink genetically modified corn that was not approved for human consumption. Further north in Punjab and Haryana, chole-bhature are very popular and in Bihar and Jharkhand litti-chokha is their staple fast food. "The Structure of Teenage Employment: Social Background and the Jobs Held by High School Seniors." Sometimes the regionality of a dish became part of the culture of its respective area, such as the Cornish pasty and deep-fried Mars bar. A number of fast food worker strikes occurred in the United States in the 2010s. [39] Many fast food industries have started to comply with the guidelines. Amy vient quant … Meat is shaven from a rotisserie, and is served on a warmed flatbread with salad and a choice of sauce and dressing. Parents could have a few minutes of peace while children played or amused themselves with the toys included in their Happy Meal. En 1948, Richard et Maurice McDonald ouvrent le premier restaurant du meme nom, à San Bernadino (Californie). A judge dismissed the case, but the fast food industry disliked the publicity of its practices, particularly the way it targets children in its advertising. The fast food market has experienced an average annual growth rate of 6.5 percent, which is the most rapidly growing sector of the retail food market. In some cultures, it is typical for street vendors to call out prices, sing or chant sales-pitches, play music, or engage in other forms of "street theatrics" to engage prospective customers. In comparison, the full-service restaurant segment of the food industry is expected to generate $173 billion in sales. [35] Research concludes that children and adolescents ranging from twelve to nineteen years old consume twice as many calories from fast food restaurants than children ranging from two to eleven years old. Web. Health Affairs. Caloric Intake from Fast Food Among Adults: United States, 2007–2010, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fast_food&oldid=999258020, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2012, All Wikipedia articles needing clarification, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2016, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [12] Thus, urbanites were encouraged to purchase pre-prepared meats or starches, such as bread or noodles, whenever possible. ", "Halal dispute over Kentucky Fried Chicken", "Fast-Food Update: Where Are the Promised Obesity Lawsuits? Ce dernier a aussi participé à la création du film : il en est le coscénariste et le producteur délégué. [25] Among its innovations, the company allowed customers to see the food being prepared. 228–229. The interior design, the menu, the speed of service, and the taste of the food will all be very similar. In the same period of time, McDonald's spent nearly three times as much on advertising as all water, milk, and produce advertisers spent combined. It has also been shown that there is a lower chance of finding a fast food restaurant in a suburban neighborhood. A value meal is a group of menu items offered together at a lower price than they would cost individually. Commonly, street vendors provide a colorful and varying range of options designed to quickly captivate passers-by and attract as much attention as possible. Seen as symbols of US dominance and perceived cultural imperialism, American fast food franchises have often been the target of Anti-globalization protests and demonstrations against the US government. Australian pizza chains Eagle Boys and Pizza Haven also entered the market in the 1990s, but their New Zealand operations were later sold to Pizza Hut and Domino's. Additionally, procuring cooking fuel could cost as much as purchased produce. In the cities of Roman antiquity, much of the urban population living in insulae, multi-story apartment blocks, depended on food vendors for much of their meal; the Forum itself served as a marketplace where Romans could purchase baked goods and cured meats. [26], The United States has the largest fast food industry in the world, and American fast food restaurants are located in over 100 countries. There are many international chains serving fast food, including Nandos, Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Fatburger, Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, Pizza Hut, Hardees, Telepizza, Steak Escape and Gloria Jean's Coffees. An example of a local form of fast food in Poland is pasztecik szczeciński, a deep-fried yeast dough stuffed with meat or vegetarian filling, typical fast food dish of the city of Szczecin well known in many other cities in the country. 6 207–216. [41] Some businesses have taken off and had success in this market with healthy foods and due to many health concerns and fast food stereotypes, it is emerging as an expected thing. The major fast food chains in India that serve American fast food are KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Dominos. Momo, Haldiram's, Faaso's and Café Coffee Day. Shanthy A. Ray Kroc, who bought the franchising license from the McDonald brothers, pioneered concepts which emphasized standardization. Eating fast food is bad for your health. Howard Johnson's first franchised the restaurant concept in the mid-1930s, formally standardizing menus, signage and advertising. [75] In 2014, the World Health Organization published a study which claims that deregulated food markets are largely to blame for the obesity crisis, and suggested tighter regulations to reverse the trend. British fast food had considerable regional variation. [48] The employment rate for Australians working in the fast food industry is increasingly high, with 17% of people working within the fast food sector in Australia. The concept of ready-cooked food for sale is closely connected with urban developments. [10], The traditional family dinner is increasingly being replaced by the consumption of takeaway fast food. Hyperion, 1999. Fast food restaurants are typically part of a restaurant chain or franchise operation that provides standardized ingredients and/or partially prepared foods and supplies to each restaurant through controlled supply channels. [4][5][6][7][8] Controlling for other diet and lifestyle confounders of fast food consumers often doesn’t attenuate these associations and it sometimes strengthens the association between fast food consumption and mortality. Japan has its own burger chains including MOS Burger, Lotteria and Freshness Burger.

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