Reported to American Express who does not have much leverage and will report you deliquent if you dont pay American Express.Terrible business! I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE!!! The tickets are overpriced and if the event is cancelled they do not give you a refund unless you threaten legal action. I will never deal with them again.I bought over $36,000 worth of 2020 Olympic tickets from Viagogo. I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor only to be told every time “that’s not possible”. Then the day the tickets should arrive, they say – sorry, we don’t have any tickets. Kind regards, Fei.I purchase tickets to the CMA country fest 2020, that event has been canceled they will not issue a refund they are saying it is rescheduled for 20 21 which is an entirely separate event and CMA is stating they will either give a refund or honor the tickets for 2021 viagogo will not issue a refund because they say the event has been rescheduled and not canceled which is totally incorrect their customer service is terrible they are dishonest because on their website it says if an event has been canceled they will issue a full refund I have gone through several emails and talk to three different people with viagogo, I would never purchase tickets through viagogo again, if you have any issues they’re not going to take care of them.We are not happy at all. We also read the cancellation and refund policies, because in this period an event cancelation is very commom, and they were foreseen. Bottom line, contact your credit card or bank to help you deal with this fraud business. That's an extra $222.36 for the tickets. They are the worst.If in doubt, always try and pay by credit card so have a certain amount of protection/insurance. They are a complete scam with no consumer protection plan with no legit communication/ticket delivery methods.My event got canceled in March. I gave them a rating of one , but would have given them a 0 if it was available! Called Viagogo several times and although I’m able to reach a customer service agent, answer is always the same. They guarantee a refund if there is a cancellation but you'll have better luck being struck by lightning. Mind-you, the tickets were still not available on the day of the concert Oct 08!!! Being a citizen of the United States, there was no reasonable way to contest this legally and therefore I incurred a loss of more than $1500. My advice is to either buy directly from the vendor or through a more dependable ticket distributor, but AVOID Viagogo at all costs because based on my experience, there may be a huge cost to you.I purchased tickets from Viagogo for a Billie Eilish concert for Oct 08, 2019, on Oct 05, 2019. Tired and tried to communicate to get some help and it’s impossible! they overcharge and are completely inflexible. They got the required documents, showing the required evidence that I did not get the tickets and where it showed in the account at Ticketmaster, it showed there were no purchases made! is it a scam?Hi, was considering purchasing tickets for a concert in japan osaka. You see the button on the bottom not seeing how the price is changing, and once you press confirmed the money is gone, and no one is responsible.Dont buy anything from these scammers. Llego el dia del evento y llame mas de 5 veces, bien desesperado estaba ya y ellos diciendo lo mismo siempre me atendia una persona distinta para nada bien, nunca me tomaron en serio. A real site, like Ticketmaster, offered me a refund. The people you deal with are no doubt in Europe. i can't go to the concert and just want to get part of my money back. DON’T BUY ANYTHING through this place unless you want to be SCAMMED out of your MONEY!!!! Don't buy tickets here. Criminals usually end up working for criminal organizations. regarding the tickets, will it be from individuals who post their tickets on viagogo or will it be the viagogo team selling it as a authorized reseller? Later, I began receiving email from Viagogo stating that I must transfer the tickets to my buyer within 72 hours, or I would forfeit the sell and lose my $1500+. Total BS scam don’t use this site. After i bought my tickets i then bought flights and hotel for the event. !Event was canceled 3 months ago and no refund. Viagogo has the evidence, but everyone that I talk to, tells me the same thing, that it has been sent to another department and I would be receiving a phone call from them, NO RETURN CALL TO DATE!!!! !Still await refund for tickets to Lenny kravitz not looking good and Viagogo is not responsive.I doubted the validity of our tickets as soon as we got them. The same tickets are still available on the venue website. I told them i can not attend as i am not in this country at this time and they still rejected, i think this is absolutely ridiculous. Lorsque j’ai vu les avis j’ai craint le pire. Next day $3400 in fraudulent purchases are on my card from stores. DO NOT USE!Im still hoping that they would give me full refund for NBA games that i purchased as they promised to give it to me .But i do wish too that has person to iniate the lawsuit agsinst this organization .This organization are ripping people hardwork money .i sm saved money for years to treat my husband for nba game with my son ( my husband has cancer and has to wear a tracheastomy) but when we have pandemic im expecting a full refund but the only thing i got is the back and forth email and call about thier promised its been 2 months since then i never got my money back . 2) Lots of messages saying, Last 1% of tickets left, only 10 tickets left, all in the hope you panick and buy and pay the huge price, when in fact there are lost of tickets left on the only officila site at half the price. I send them screenshots of the process, and they just not replying to me. Unlike the membership card, the season ticket is transferable, meaning the holder can allow a third party to use it or opt to loan it to the club so that another, non-season-ticket holding member has the chance to see a game. DO NOT BUY TICKETS THROUGH THEM.I bought tickets to a 09/28/19 Eagles concert through Viagogo and then tried to sell them fearing that I would be ripped off based on multitudes of poor reviews. It took 10 phone calls, tons of email, to get any assistance. This is fraud. No matter what, they didn't give us the tickets. Notes et évaluations des clients Viagogo sur la fiabilité du site Viagogo , la qualité du service SAV ou la livraison des produits Viagogo . i googled the only info i had about the seller. Ticket price was high but it was the event we wanted for that date. Is Viagogo Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2020?_______________________________________________.Viagogo Reviews 2020 – Is Viagogo Legit to Buy Tickets From?Viagogo Delivery Fees and Tax/Booking Fees.Viagogo offering VIP and hospitality tickets.To put it as simply as possible, Viagogo is a reliable company that has been in business for nearly a decade and that has drawn some favorable reviews its past buyers. Do not buy from here!Just wanted everyone to know NOT to use viagogo for ticket purchases. My tickets have been canceled due to covid-19 and social distancing. Charge went through with all email wiped clean and no tickets. 1. The season-ticket card grants the holder access to all matches, dependent on the category (traditional or Euroabono season ticket). This company is a leech. I could have had other options but not any more. MIKE EPPS TICKETS ARE USELESS.... VIATAKEYOURMONEYANDGO IS A RIP OFF! There's literally no phone number on their site and it's impossible to get in touch with customer service. Buy and Sell Tickets 100% safe and guaranteed.Customer Service is not in their vocabulary. Said they would issue a new ticket if the event was rescheduled or refund if it was “cancelled”. Can’t get in touch with anyone. Viagogo is the WORST. To avoid bad surprises, we just went before the concert doors opened and we entered in as first. I haven’t heard back from them for 2 weeks so I called today and their response was it will take a couple of months to confirm it is cancelled and then a couple more months for a refund! I want my money back, since my event is cancelled, but they sent me an e-mail with information and code to a voucher. These guys are crooks. This is completely unacceptable. Or speak to me!! I am very pleased that although it was a little rocky they did come through as they said they would. I bought 2 tickets to a concert in Sarasota at $55 per each. We got out tickets 1 week before the concert and they were right at the back of the stadium and had a cover value of £30. I gave them my order number and email address and they are now saying my info doesn’t match. Order tickets here that you never receive. Viagogo is the WORST. We are sorry we couldn’t help any further in this case. Adjunto los screenshots hecho para que vean las pruebas. Una semana antes del evento vuelvo a llamar me dicen lo mismo , pero yo ya no tan paciente a partir de ese dia empecé a llamar a Viagogo 2 y 3 veces por dias, cada vez que me respondian me decian lo mismo que no me preocupara que me iban a llegar, 5 dias amigos llamando 2 y 3 veces. En que mente cabe que una persona en una hora va a poder llegar a un evento cuando el evento era lejos de casa con puro trafico y lluvia ese dia , cuando estuve 5 dias insistiendo para que me llegaran mis tickets.cuando esos tickets ya hacia mas de 5 meses se habian comprado y nunca recibi justo que una persona haga mas de 30 llamadas y no lo ayuden durante una semana y 1 hora antes se burlen de uno ?? they are not authorised to sell tickets for lots of the venues and even if you are lucky to get a ticket you may be refused entry.i bought tickets to see machine head and the concert was cancelled due to the covid-19, I have requested a refund of the £140 I paid ( no small amount of change) I received and email from them saying it was postponed, so I sent them the link to the bands website clearly stating that all venues are cancelled. The man who scanned the tickets asked where we got them and wasn’t surprised when we said Viagogo, he told us that 25 fraud cases had occurred the day before. This was a lot of money and gifts for friends…,Complete scam bought tickets on Wed. que creen?? They said they would send me tickets for new date, but the person whose name is on ticket will have to approve. Nope. But it is EVERYWHERE THAT THE SHOW IS CANCELLED! Ended up working it out after awhile and got in!Your review recommended to be at least 140 characters long :).Disclosure: we may earn money from affiliate links below, but we want what’s best for the customer, so money does not impact our opinions in these reviews.At this time, with so many negative Viagogo reviews from customers (over 288 complaints in the last 12 months).Online ticket brokers open up this possibility to buy and sell tickets to events around the world, and one of the largest ticket resale platforms allowing this is is a global ticket exchange, allowing individuals, or “professional ticket brokers,” to sell tickets on their platform.The tickets listed on Viagogo are never in possession of the team at Viagogo.StubHub, one of the largest ticket exchanges with events in over 50 countries,Viagogo is supposed to “provide a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers.”.Recent Viagogo reviews below will show the inside stories of past customers with this company.It can be difficult to get through to Viagogo phone support or to understand when speaking to an agent at times.There are quite a number of Viagogo reviews and stated they didn’t get much help when contacting Viagogo customer service support from the company.Yes, Viagogo allows individuals to sell tickets on their ticket exchange platform.You will also, need to create an account at.Many negative Viagogo reviews were about high-priced tickets.Other customers said they didn’t like Viagogo’s high 31.69% plus service fee charges that are hidden until the checkout.Some complaints found on Viagogo and their customer support experience.One thing noticed, Viagogo has corporate services offering companies and professionals:Different Viagogo reviews show that many people like that they offer premium tickets to events in over 50 countries around the world.Some customers stated they were actually able to get tickets priced lower than face value (can work if you’re willing till the last minute to buy).The reviews regarding Viagogo ticket prices are mixed, but there’s a bit of complaints of tickets being over face value, which is to be expected with a resale site (supply and demand).Some say that they offer inexpensive tickets, while others say Viagogo tickets are overpriced, or way above face value.A positive is Viagogo does offer good seats, which might not be available anymore via the box office venue.There are also a few Viagogo reviewers that like the seating charts that are available for viewing before choosing which tickets to buy.Through the 3D seating charts, customers can determine the type of view that they will be getting from their seats.After reading plenty of Viagogo reviews, we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most reliable ticket source available in Europe.We have tested and got positive feedback overall from other,get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon code (welcome10) on your first order,When comparing Viagogo vs StubHub you’ll see they are both ticket resale sites, but some might ask what’s the real difference, and.StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries.Viagogo has tickets to events around the world too, but Viagogo seems to have more negative feedback and reviews recently.Viagogo’s service fee is about 31.69% while StubHub’s service fee charges are about 26.5% average.Share your Viaogogo review below (or click here).Viagogo says you can get a refund is if your event is canceled.if you need help selling your tickets, is to select your event.VIP and hospitality tickets to certain events,Viagogo customers that were turned away from the venue at Ed Sheeran concert in the UK,It’s the official resale marketplace for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA.Click here to share your Viagogo review below. I kept checking and they said, oh no its all legit, just be patient and wait. Month four, since I have not received my tickets, I made multiple calls up until a week before the concert. I purchased my tickets in February of 2020 and I haven't received my money back still.These guys are complete crooks. BEWARE. They just bought StubHub so cross them off list also.For is it was a total con. They even charged us $500 for a service fee. I would give them a negative five review if I could!I bought tickets to see Santana at O2. comsumer protection agency . 3). Also this outfit never had the tickets, since they are a “reseller” and so me a pair of tickets from another seller who had paid only $125 for the ticket. I didnt choose that.I bought tickets (at 4X face value) for a cricket match, only to arrive and the the tickets did not work. The most common issues with are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. If the event doesn't take place they don't refund the money arguing that it is postponed,Purchased 2 tickets to Bad Religion after the show at our venue canceled they said it wasn't just postponed but the venue already issued refunds after the band pres release the entire tour for 2020 is canceled I still can't get a refund.I bought tickets to see Ariana Grande in Hamburg on October 9th 2019 on Viagogo the last days of August. don’t know how this company has not been shut down still waiting for answers!!! Achat & revente de billets en ligne 100% garanti et sécurisé. Our tickets didn’t work. Do not use them! Tickets did not arrive. Hoovers up tickets that would be sold to the public then sells them back tom us for hugely inflated prices. I even sent them a link to show them where this information was, and they just kept repeating like a broken record that according to them, they had not received news that the show had been cancelled. They guarantee a refund if there is a cancellation but you'll have better luck being struck by lightning. They sell tickets they don’t even have. If you are in the UK and book tickets and want a refund, I would suggest you go on Victims.of Viagogo and download the template letter that's on there. The game was March 11th, 2017. This is nothing but a criminal outfit. Visa refunded me the money pending an investigation. hope to hear from you soon.How safe it is to buy tickets from viagogo? SHAME ON YOU VIAGOGO. Ebay and Amazon are re-sellers, if you have a problem with a seller they help you. February 28th, 2017 they told us we can not get the tickets. De plus, nous disposons d'informations de paiement sur chaque vendeur nous permettant de facturer des pénalités en cas de problèmes avec leurs billets. Refusing to even recognize the event is cancelled. Why are viagogo exempt from this? Viagogo is a legit website where you can purchase tickets to all your favorite performing artists, sports events or theater shows in your area, or you if you can’t make the show and don’t want to eat the ticket price, then you will be able to sell your ticket here as well. It was an eticket to download and had someone elses name on so now it cannot be used so £140 wasted. They are not refunding me because “the seller assures us they transferred the tickets to you.” I have proven that did not happen. Still no tickets after several phone calls. DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH HERE. to make things much worse is there is no telephone no. They won't refund you. After I bought them i saw the awful reviews and was full of anxiety up until the scanned my ticket, (after 6-7 hours in cue to go in). The way the website is built makes just people inattentive to details. No refund. I have a dispute claimed with my credit card company for tickets that I purchased over 6 months ago. Fortunately, I had purchased tickets to the concert from another distributor because I suspected I would have never received the tickets I purchased through Viagogo. If an event is cancelled, we will be refunding all effected buyers for the amount they have paid for their orders and will inform customers via email. Don't ever buy event tickets from them because if the event is cancelled, you will not get a refund. !They don’t even have the tickets they are selling online. There is any way to get together a close this company for good?Customers must create an association.I bought two tickets for Elton John concert (May 28th) and as Amway Center didn't cancel it ( it is postponed), Viagogo doesn't refund us! WORST COMPANY EVER! Ticketmaster tickets $ 592 , 2 horas antes del evento, 6:52 pm recibo un email de Viagogo con la transferencia que nunca me llego en 6 meses, ni siquiera 2 horas antes. When I arrived to the event the tickets would not scan. Almost a year later I tried to buy tickets to laneway festival in brisbane, only for them to take my payment but not give me the ticket and refuse a refund. The companies rep tells me as soon as they find out the concert was cancelled they will refund my money. Worse yet, you had no way of knowing whether or not the vendor was someone you could trust. other tickets in the same section of the stadium are listed for more money than i am asking, but mine are not there. We didn't have time to research Viagogo, plus they put timers and "seats going fast" notices that make you more likely to buy. The price on the actual tickets was $130 each! Thank you viagogo I had a wonderful time at the game!! A quick Google search convinced us we'd been ripped off, so we bought another set of tix from Ticketmaster, again spending over $200. They have asked me to send screenshots of every piece of correspondence and I have. We’re in this together! If there is an issue with either of these promises, the company is willing to step in in order to rectify the situation by either providing replacement seats of equal or higher value or by providing a refund to the buyer if replacement tickets are not available. I got sent a link to repurchase the same tickets, so I repurchased them on 29th feb, received a confirmation email for them and then it got cancelled AGAIN! I was buying the tickets with the price of 102 eur, after which I confirmed I will pay an additional 3 eur per ticket for electronic delivery. They showed prices in HK dollars and then charged in US dollars. This is completely unacceptable. I tried calling today to see if I could possibly transfer our tickets to a venue closer to us on the East Coast. for my tickets. Pls. I received my tickets 24 hours prior to the event after purchasing them 4 months prior. Be careful with your money.I purchased Vince Gill tickets on 4/6/19. I called viagogo and explained i will lose all of the money i spent on flights and hotel, and i cant afford to pay for 2nd lot of flights and hotel, however they said we are a re-seller. Didn't chance it opted for refund. Before the website existed, if you wanted to attend a concert or game in another country, just the process of locating a source for the tickets could be an exercise in frustration. Had my credit card stolen and used. They were way overpriced. They ended up being compleatly faked tickets and could not grant me access to the show.Viagogo charged me a total of $482.36 for two tickets to attend the David Suchet: Poirot & More: A Retrospective. is this easy to do?We have bought tickets to j cole in auckland on 1/12/2017 through viagogo. The show was cancelled owing to the pandemic. What the heck!? They assure me I would receive my tickets about 5 days prior to the concert. We cannot refund you. I had paid £80 each. I am furious, this is fraudulent, dont buy tickets from VIAGOGO.I spent nearly 700 pound on tickets for this year, the event has been cancelled but the tickets are still available for NEXT YEAR! Endless emails to viagogo fruitless Votre expérience peut aider les autres à effectuer des achats plus éclairés. My tickets did not re-sell, even when i dropped the price. Vi una publicacion en Facebook para un concierto de Madonna en Miami ese era mi sueño de todo la vida ver a la reina del POP. Viagogo is a scam to be avoided at all costs.Dubious 1) appear at the top of a search list for a festival, look like official resleer, they arer, not they are not even authorised, they are at the top becuase they pay google to be there. Viagogo charged me $655.95! I think probably they resold the tix for more money and then just said they would refund my money.I ordered Metallica tickets for my 10 yr old Birthday and 1st concert. All events are considered valid unless there has been an official announcement stating the event has been cancelled. VIAGOGO a donc fait un bénéfice de 30,00 € x 2 sur les places : ... Ma seuel réjouissance quand je compare les autres avis, mes billets ont l'air originaux donc je pense que je vais quand même assister au concert. Viagogo has been of no help.DO NOT buy tickets from these cowboys. les envie todos los screenshot de las conversaciones con ellos durante toda la semana donde me decian que en caso que las entradas no llegaran a tiempo se me devolvia mi dinero . They need to go out of business. All in all we were satisfied.Ordered tickets for Super Bowl. Corrupt fraudulent horrible people. A few weeks later the event is re-scheduled due to band member health problem. Extremely disappointed and lesson learned!Ordered tickets several months ago and only received an email that they would arrive ONE WEEK before the event. Their customer service is null and I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau of NY. 2-Garantia—-Falta de respecto, falta de coordinacion, falta de atencion a sus clientes, falta de respuesta rapida , falta de solución a los problemas a tiempo y en tiempo.Long story short I bought tickets had end seats then they sent other tickets in same row but in the middle I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to get out that’s why I picked and end 2 seats they refused to give me the seats I bought there not from usa and have no business selling tickets if cant do right plus I paid over 500 for 2 seats I’ll never buy for them again this is my last concert I’ll go to.BUYER BEWARE! I have no way to get in touch with you. Cuando en una llamada 2 horas antes les dije que ya no queria sus entradas que estaba con la presion alta super disgustado con ellos, que me devolvieran el dinero, en ese momento fue cuando se pusieron a correr para resolverme mi problema.