Du... Lire la suite The guitar legend at the top of his game in a small club performance at London’s Islington Academy on December 2nd, 2009, with beloved Moore favourites like Still Got the Blues and Parisienne Walkways. But then again, strange is a word the listener would likely use a lot when describing Fantasic Negrito. The Slow Rush (2020) Album de Tame Impala. Full of punk-rock energy, as Jesse Malin said of it, “It’s like Muddy Waters meets the Stooges. It’s just Homan and his twangy resonator on a set of originals and old blues covers, including Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. A listen to ‘You Make Me Feel’ must provoke the listener to ask why he hasn’t released more. Reckless Blues Joanne Shaw Taylor 2020 $0.75. And the show-stopping closer ‘Slide Master’ makes the listener wonder what a joy it must be to check Allison out live. ... My Getaway Dustin Arbuckle & the Damnations 2020 $1.65. TRINITY (2020) ... Les meilleurs albums de rhythm and blues; 4. Born in Michigan in 1946, Lavette’s vocal stylings owe as much to mainstream R&B that the blues, but her sweet, silky voice belongs as much in this genre as her harder-edged sisters. Having spent most of his career as an R&B songwriter (The Ann Peebles hit ‘I can’t stand the Rain’ is his best known song) the 78-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee has also dabbled in releasing vocal albums. Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil. Dance With The Devil is an absurdly exciting and wickedly … Découvrez le meilleur du blues avec une sélection de chanteurs et guitaristes de blues. It’s a badass record.” It’s real and it’s raw and Williams takes no prisoners – certainly not Trump who is firmly in her sights in Man Without A Soul. But the title track isn’t one of them. In time, it may rank as one of the very best blues songs of all time. Inspired by the current pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, it’s actually, an upbeat plea for us all to ‘calm the hell down’ and ‘have a little faith/ in the human race.’. The Album sizzles most when it charges at full-speed, keeping up with rock and soul, but never leaving the blues behind. The 50 Best Albums of 2020 So Far Including Bob Dylan, Lil Uzi Vert, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, and more. It’s seems like only yesterday that Shemekia Copeland was hailed as a prodigy of the blues, an incipient star in a genre often neglected by those of her generation. Tous les liens pointent vers les articles Wikipédia. Full review here. 2020 was a hot mess, and one way to escape the madness was through music. CLOSE. And a couple of live albums worth mentioning, both from Irishmen, both sadly no longer with us. FANTASTIC NEGRITO - HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET. “Help me stay fearless,” she sings towards the end of the album, “Help me stay strong.” Her prayer’s been answered in this album. Et on retrouve en tête de classement la sublime Cécile McLorin Salvant, une grande pointure du jazz en 2017. More than anything else, he lets his soul lead the way. For all his obvious skill as a songwriter, his resonant tenor rattles the soul just as much. Lucinda Williams, Good Souls Better Souls. We’re at the half year mark and it’s been a pretty strange year so far. Tackling the legendary works of Jimmy Rogers, Larry Williams and Jimmy Nolan is no easy undertaking, but Grammy nominated vocalist and blues harpist Kim Wilson is up for the task. Standout tracks include the soulful B.B. Acoustic blues master, Rory Block gives us another terrific album celebrating the blues artists of yesteryear. All in all, Roomful of Blues’ (kind of) self-titled album would be a nice introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the band — or anyone who doubts the sincerity of revival bands. Le magazine Slate dévoile sa liste des disques de jazz. But Copeland has recently turned forty and her voice shows all of the gravity and none of the rust of a blues elder statesman. The Lovell sisters’ latest album takes over from 2018’s terrific Venom and Faith. Copeland’s latest release is a breathtaking journey through the past of Black America, beginning with the horror show of slavery and ending with the current day’s unending chaos. The next time you lament the death of the blues due to the neglect from younger generations, just give a quick listen to Memphis Loud by Victor Wainright and the Train and rejoice. Verbally and lyrically, he bears a resemblance to Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson and musically, he pays loving homage to a wide range of innovators. Trying to categorize it would be a waste of time. Also of note is Give Me All the Love You Got, a surprisingly heartfelt ballad that engages in that age-old blues tradition of begging for a woman’s affection. The track that grooves and swings the hardest is ‘Ain’t Goin’ to Do It.’ It’s the kind of song you play when the party slows down a little and needs a jolt to keep your friends from reaching for their car keys. Nearing his 80th birthday, Smither’s voice shows wear, but this isn’t a bad thing. Another of the album’s standouts include ‘Rocking in Louisiana.’ Fueled by a swamp-rock attack that Creedence Clearwater Revival would envoy, the track reminds us (as CCR did) that a true fondness for Louisiana blues can live in the hearts of those born and raised elsewhere. $13.66 #43. Full review here. As Dion says, “The blues is a beautiful form of music that God gave to us.” Full review here. Après la seconde guerre mondiale et l’apparition du 33T en 1948, le jazz va connaitre un nouvel essort. In 2020, Robert Cray sounds as much like Robert Cray as he did in 1990. iTunes. Overall, it’s pretty clear that Savoy Brown ain’t done yet. Avis à tous les fans de musique : 2020 va être une année bien chargée question sorties d'albums. Anyone searching for the singer’s best work should remain in the realm of mainstream pop.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'allaboutbluesmusic_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',126,'0','0'])); Having said all that, Dion’s ‘friends’ do a more than capable job of compensating for the weaknesses of the the album’s star. Another strong example is the dance track ‘Sweep the Shack.’ It’s a simple tale about a man who’s eager to finish his day of work to get back into the arms of his beloved. A 12 track set of both originals and covers of songs you may not know, all delivered with Cray’s sweet vocals and his clean as a whistle guitar tone. Albert Collins: Ice Pickin’ (Alligator, 1978) Born Albert Gene Drewery in Texas and nicknamed “The … Every track is a highlight and it’s an album you’ll want to return to again and again. In terms of song quality, We Fly Free is uneven. Born Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz in an orthodox muslim household, the eccentric artist whose stage name is Fantastic Negrito has a sound and musical approach all his own. On this song, Wilson’s harmonica must be heard to be believed. Audio CD. Releases from stalwarts like Savoy Brown and Robert Cray as well as newer voices like Whitney Shays and Shemekia Copeland shone as brightly as ever. Not that this blues bash ever threatens to slow down. The plaintive voice of Chris Smither has served him well for decades. The man sounds every year his age and his latest effort works precisely for this reason. ), Charlie Patton: Voice of the Mississippi Delta, Robert Sacré (ed. Described by its creator as a ‘straight vintage-style blues album.’ Blues Bash is just that. But as any fan of the genre knows, a little dust only makes the blues go down better. That brings us to his latest offering That’s What I Heard. Kris Lager Band: Love Songs & Life Lines. ‘Love and Sympathy’ follows in a similar vein, urging the listener to keep love alive in times of turmoil and distress. The Myth of the American Dream, D.L. Memphis Loud is not album without flaws. The coronavirus pandemic has stopped live music in its tracks – aside from the online variety – and there haven’t been as many album releases as usual. Dyer & C. Falsani (eds. Sometimes, having friends in the right places helps a great deal. Another excellent offering of blues, R&B and soul from the ever-consistent Robert Cray and his band. Their latest effort may suggest the outfit has gathered a little dust over the years. Having celebrated thirty years as a band, Ronnie Earl and his Broadcasters have seen more than their share of changing times. Guy Davis, Fabrizio Poggi: Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train, Ian Zack, Odetta: A Life in Music and Protest, Michael Corcoran, Ghost Notes: Pioneering Spirits of Texas Music. Blues Caravan 2020 Blues Caravan 2020. Meanwhile the stunning ballad ‘Crying guitar’ features as gentle and warm a touch as its descriptive title would imply. This is modern blues at its best and you gotta love the fabulous vocals of Rebecca, the glorious harmonies of the two of them and Megan’s sensational lap steel work. Meanwhile the equally rollicking ‘I Thought She Wouldn’t Do it’ adds some funky drums into the mix. To anyone concerned with the current state of the blues, Whitney Shay’s latest release ‘Stand Up’ could have been delivered with you in mind. When two time-tested veterans of the blues world combine forces, the results are often explosive, brilliant and reliably enjoyable. This band packs a powerful sonic punch that could fill any room. Cameos from time-tested veterans of the blues make the album shimmer most and the relentlessly upbeat ‘Birmingham’ (featuring Robert Randolph and Keb’ Mo’) may be the best example. Songs from the Road will make a believer of you. There’s a nice dash of gospel as well with Burying Ground. Quarantine blues is about a good world feeling bad. But the album’s most inspirational track may be ‘Give God the Blues,’ a gospel/blues hybrid that simultaneously reminds the blues listener of the genre’s spiritual past and takes us to the present by asserting that the ugliness of humanity does not come from above. ‘Unemployment Highly Annoyed’ hints that The 48-year-old guitarist/vocalist isn’t a happy man. Much the same can be said of the upbeat Rumblin’ another slice of instrumental sweetness. Earns its titular exclamation point with rousing and energetic blues anthems that echo the very best of the genre’s piano pioneers. The International Blues Challenge represents the worldwide search for those blues bands and solo/duo blues performers ready for the international stage, yet just needing that extra big break. View the current France Albums Top 150 with at #1 Loin Du Monde by Jul. This is the voice that couldn’t give witness to a lie if Smither wanted it to. So it should come as no shock to learn that Bonamassa’s latest effort is as consistently solid as anything he’s ever created.