There are so many phenomenally talented musicians that work hard but never have name recognition beyond their own communities due to lack of funding for promotion/inability to tour/ appearance etc.There are skilled musicians that don’t study the blues masters and end up with a rock, jazz rock or country funk polka sound masquerading as blues because they market it as such perhaps without realizing it isn’t. I’m totally flabbergasted that Layla Zoe was not on this list. I’ve played a lot of your list over the years, but missed a few, which I will check out (this could be expensive!!) pls add to your list….tyler morris a very young man out of worcester ma, as well as the delta generators, craig rawding, and the heidi nirk band from RI . Any idea? From the Vaults: Cold Chills Henry Gray & Bob Corritore 2020 $2.18. There’s nothing like seeing a band live. Joe, I would add Lance Lopez, Ally Venable, Vanessa Collier, Eliza Neals,, Allman Betts Band , Quinn Sullivan, Gary Hoey, Dana Fuchs, Eric Johannson , Amanda Fish . Paul deLay Band (RIP bud) Listen to “The Wilds of Wonder”, Robert Cray These guys are true believers in rock and roll and will absolutely lift the spirit of anyone who thinks rock music is no longer relevant. I would add J. Johnson out of STL. Mike Welch,. A list of the best blues rock bands is going to be subjective, as is all art and music. Awesome list… just listening to the selected tracks and adding to my wish list. Blacktop Run is a ten-song collection of vocal songs and instrumentals that takes fans along on another ride in his award-winning direction. Website, Celso Salim Band (blues, roots music, boogie funk) Guitarist, singer-songwriter As a confirmed blues fan, I’d like to throw in Tad Robinson’s name for blues/soul!! Thank you very much for your comment. and I would also like to add Nikki Hill and her husband guitarist Matt Hill. she writes and plays the piano too plus she’s funny as ****. Someone to add to the under the radar list in my opinion is Corey Stevens. King Lucille signature model is a great option for fans of the blues legend, but the Gibson ES-335 Antique Faded Cherry from the new Gibson Original range is also one of the best blues guitars around if you want to delve into the world of the blues … Innocence of Youth When Rivers Meet 2020 $0.68. Spoonful of Blues is on Monday night 7 – 9pm, RTR fm 92.1. I know a handful on the list (sarah potenza brought me here; LOVE her), and look forward to checking out more. You’ve seen some great live music. Shrapnel Records Presents: The Best Of Blues Rock MP3 Music. Yes! Nominated for a BMA this year… their new album is fire. Well worth a watch for all you blues fans!!! So a page like yours is a breath of fresh air and much needed. Big fun! Nice to see Lisa Mann get a mention. Really enjoyed your article here are a few I thought of Larry Garner (story teller) Her last release – Gemini (Oct, 2018) is by far the best blues album by a female singer in the last 5 years. Have you seen her video with Robben Ford? Info-video, Harry Manx and Steve Marriner (acoustic blues) Singer-songwriters, harmonica, guitar, multi-instrumentalists. Info-video, Tommy Castro & the Painkillers (blues, blues-rock, soul) Singer-songwriter, guitarist It is an honor to be included with so many tremendous artists. (Stony Plain Records) Can I add The Teskey Brothers, Chris Duarte and Matt Schofield. Video Avid Blues Supporter here! For your listening pleasure, I suggest Toronzo Cannon. But this was a good idea as I am always looking for good new music to listen to. • Junior Brown Third suggestion for him today. But I will add him back in because he’s just too good not to include. I also recommend the Jimmys. Livraison gratuite dès 25 € d'achats et des milliers de CD. From the land of The Zoo Bar, Lincoln Ne. Somebody I really enjoy and have seen with Samantha Fish is Danni Wilde , I think she is British and quite amazing. If you like hearing tomorrows headliners before they are well known , support live music, buy their CD’s don’t forget to tip. I didn’t forget Mato Nanji. (enjoyed your great review Martine ) Best Sellers: The most popular items in Blues Rock. Thank you. 23. I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or Like the Blue Stones …etc. Mississippi Heat have been around for a while but don’t tour a whole lot from what I can tell. Maybe a bit ‘ country-ish’, but definitely a great Southern Rock band, with two albums. 1,059 likes. (Alligator Records) Sidewinder is an awesome album. (Tricki-Woo Records) The Portland, OR blues scene is fire! Big Monti Amundson Fueled by the band, the audience, and the energy of the night, this album is a must-have. Thank you so much for putting this together! Look forward to your email and updates. Info-video, Sarah Potenza (Soul, blues, R&B) Singer-songwriter Ladies Sing the Blues. A genre that is most influential to music and its development over time, it cannot be denied that the blues pioneered the era of modern rock and endured through the decades of the creation of new music. Check out Michael Hornbuckle. Delicious Blues Stew Genres dérivés Heavy metal , , hard rock , boogie rock , rock psychédélique , garage rock , stoner rock , rock sudiste modifier Le blues rock est un genre musical mêlant blues et rock 'n' roll . Skip to main Larkin Poe Seasick Steve and Popa Chubby are also great. The Black Keys, 2011. People just want exposure to these artists and bands. Dan, We’re out there night after night on tour having fun making music with each other. Here in the UK the live music scene is fabulous and many of the young artists doing the local circuits run rings around the wannabes on TV contests. Garage Rock; Blues Rock; 40. He was in the original list. I’d love to send you a copy for review when done? I would add Eli cook, from Charlottesville VA. The best female blues vocalist in rock music, Janis Joplin's death before the completion of Pearl left many questions unanswered even as it sealed the singer's legacy. We chose albums that pretty much knocked us out. Funky and tight group. Info-video, Henrik Freischlader (blues, blues-rock, rock, with serious groove) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer. Hope you continue to do this periodically! Throw on Chris Cain, Ronnie Baker Brooks, James PItts, Lance Lopez, Buck And Evans, Dan Patlansky – Bernard Allison, Mr Sipp, Shawn Kellerman and many more. Leith alSaadi Songs From The Road Beth and Joes “Black Coffee” one of my fave vinyls. They are stellar artists too. Also 3 different artists formerly in Butch Trucks Freight Train Please include Travis Bowlin. Will have to check him out. Jac, Whatever mood you’re in, click play and you’ll be transported into some of the best music around performed by A+ Robert Cray and his band. The style began t… Amanda Fish (Samantha’s older sister) Listen to Shrapnel Records Presents: The Best of Blues Rock by Various Artists on Apple Music. There’s something for everyone on Let It Go with smoking guitar chops, soulful vocals, and funky blues rock fun. Best of 2019: Sure, 'Blues the vote!' Pierre Lacocque is a blues harp master and the musicianship was outstanding. People miss the real-deal musicians, the greats who innovated their own styles and sounds. He’s on Tab Benoit’s label and Tab played drums on his latest album. They say there aren’t bands or artists today like Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Three Kings, and more. Rules seem to be changing! Young, talented guitarist from Kalamazoo Michigan. Love that-live music makes your soul perk. The Night I Jammed With Jimmy Page by Joanna Connor, Review: ‘Tired of Talkin” Steve Strongman. This one demands to be played loud. Thanks for the love. My pleasure. But no Tedeschi Trucks band? That’s why I wrote the article, to enlighten people who don’t know about these artists and bands. Hi Martine Did I miss Bonnie Raitt? 2020 has been a whopper for the music industry with the pandemic. area has lot’s of great live music of many genre’s. One of the best blues-rock albums ever assembled, At Fillmore East includes extended, instrument-driven live jams on some of the Allman's signature tunes. I bought Medicine as soon as I got back to the UK. 20. Anyway I would add Mark Wenner (TheNighthawks) as well as young upstart Daniel Donato. Someone who echoes everything my husband and I feel about the unsung heroes in music today! I’ve had the sincere pleasure of listening to artists and bands I’ve never heard of who are so good I could hardly believe my ears. Economisez avec notre option de livraison gratuite. You forgot the greatest Southern Rock band on the planet, Blackberry Smoke! FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. 3 -1 Hour Collection of some of the finest relaxing slow #Blues/#BluesRock tunes. Ten Years After is an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Just got into samantha fish wow what a voice.don’t forget Chris Duarte and back door slam, not shure how modern they are.just throwing it out there my all time old school guitarist of all time is garry moore! We are always looking for these new artists and going to see them live when they come around! Contemporary blues and blues-rock at its best, Bernard Allison (son of the late blues heavyweight Luther Allison,) put together a funky blues album that rocks. I would appreciate readers recommending music stores I can check out while in Boston, DC or when in Hawaii. He’s is coming out with a new CD in the next couple weeks or so. This is free. GREAT call RBB AWESOME all the way. Damon was also the guitarist/singer for Butch Trucks and Dicky Betts Band. the new cd out Neon highway blues is fantastic ! Thank you for this list! Best of Blues: Hot Rocks 2017 | Various Artists. New album excellent. i’d like to see some Dudley Taft Band on here. Blues, soul, gospel and funky R&B grace this release of 12 tracks, with Cray singing his brand of soulful grooves. Many I have seen and now others to look forward to. He was a new guy and the name had Mississippi in it. One artist that should be included is Hannah Wicklund & the Stepping Stones. That’s what makes music so great! DM is your suggestions and we will post it within a week. Thanks to BluesBroad for the video. Thanks to missmoke007 for the video Website, Bishop Gunn (Southern rock, southern soul too) Band led by Travis McCready This isn’t a year-end list of the best albums or songs. I’ve seen a lot of shows in my lifetime and RBB’s show ranks alongside the best. By Martine Ehrenclou. 860,837 listeners. You should include Magnolia Bayou out of Gulfport, Mississipp. GREAT LIST ! Great up and coming English/Spanish blues and soul artist who’s had radio play in the States and in the UK. Avec la musique en streaming sur Deezer, découvrez plus de 56 millions de titres, créez gratuitement vos propres playlists, explorez des genres différents et partagez vos titres préférés avec vos amis. Elle est disponible uniquement en ligne. . -clean as a broke dick dog- is the best for quarantine. Great list … but what about Erja Lyytinen, Aynsley Lister, Tedeschi Trucks Band, … Goats Head Soup (Deluxe Edition) The Rolling Stones, 2020. Heather Gillis, Bruce Katz, Melody Trucks Band. Trevor Sewell is from the UK and has some great albums out, check out Hollow, Calling Nashville and Independence. Check him out at you’ll thank me later. Video The one thing in this article that rang so true is that most people do not know what the are missing…it is not main stream radio (which is sad) it’s just talent. Oh man yeah, there’s a few on this list that really don’t need to be. Please consider Ally Venable and her band in the future and also I did not see Gary Hoey or the Allman Betts Band on this list. Bob, Dwight was also on the list! From London UK….. shes amazing! Keep updating this list! Info-video, Albert Castiglia (blues, blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Colleen, Nine-piece soul band from Pittsburgh on their way up. I am reading it as I am going through the Blues section on iTunes. Will do. The following is at the same venue that he played last night, but 6 months earlier. And it isn’t even at the halfway year mark yet! Just saw this band this weekend. J.D. Also, a community minded person who uses her intellect to better those around her! Great list, I’d like to hear em all! Thanks for your comment. Stoney Curtis, Las Vegas. Listen to “Let The Rock, Roll”, Rory Block Never heard of a lot of these will check them out thank you. Info-video, Black Country Communion (rock band) Derek, Bob Margolin, Thank you for the suggestions. Thank you so much. Give a listen, your ear holes will thank you. Best Blues Rock albums; New Blues Rockalbums; Updates Blues Rock albums; Acoustic Blues Electric Blues Piano Blues Blues Rock. Look her up. We Fly Free When Rivers Meet 2020 $1.80. I’m including links to two videos of them. They are in the follow up article. Blues-Rock is a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the 12-bar blues and extended boogie jams with Rock and roll styles. Listen to “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Too many of those not a lick of blues bands end up on lists , radio and headlining concerts not because they play blues but because they have the financial backing and “look” to do so. Awesome!! Here’s the antidote to today’s popular music. 3,358,972 listeners. He’s back in. Welcome. My additions: someone already mentioned The Legendary Shack Shakers; their front man, JD Wilkes, is phenomenal on his own (or supporting the Mourning Glories). mark Arm is awesome!! I don’t see Ruthie Foster. Glad to see Samantha Fish in the list, seen Samantha & her excellent band in Bristol, UK in May. So much great music within the list. Finally! Best of British Blues, Vol.1 compiles a solid cross section of mid- to late-'60s British blues bands. 2 Offres Spéciales The Best Of The Blues. Just ADD your faves and move on, people! Yours truly, Cara Being Blue, Also outside of Nashville but still in TN: (without getting into Memphis) The Proven Ones is a blues supergroup consisting of guitarist Kid Ramos, vocalist Brian Templeton, keyboardist Anthony Geraci, bassist Willie J. Campbell, and drummer Jimi Bott, who have dozens of awards, thousands of gigs, and millions of miles under their collective belts earned with some of the top acts in the world, including The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Radio Kings, The Mannish Boys, and Sugar Ray and the Bluetones. Not music crafted by technology but real music by real musicians. Great stuff but I would add Marquise Knox & Blind Boy Paxton!!! I’ve seen several of them live and they are just nice people as well as being great artists. Are Drive-By Truckers considered too mainstream? Who's Directing Your Movie? this is a great list… however, I’m not sure how Beth Hart is considered “under the radar”…she has no equal. I hope I didn’t just overlook them. If you include the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule and Walter Trout, then the Truckers certainly belong on here. Website, Blue Poets (blues-rock, rock band) Led by Marcus Deml. hawt damn is Billy Gibbons an underrated guitar player! Listen to “Last One To Know”, Ruthie Foster Big Band Alex Lopez is another! Nutman, All writing is copyright of Rock and Blues Muse and may not be reprinted without permission from the publisher. It’s the songs and Marcus’ voice you’re meant to focus on. She has just released Texas Honey produced by Mike Zito and its smokin hot! Block has always been ferocious and nothing about that has changed. Their album had even received great reviews on this site back in Feb. 2018. Crank this up and make sure your neighbors hear it. You will not be disappointed! Great musicianship all around and a lot of fun to see and hear. Very nice to see Artur Menezes and Celso Salim among these great artists! I was as impressed as much ( maybe even a little more) than the first time I saw Samantha Fish or Danielle Nicole for the first time when they were her age. Matty T Wall was actually on my original list. Ten Years After is an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Robben Ford, Supersonic blues band, big Al & the heavyweights, delbert McClinton, Toronto Cannon, Ronnie baker Brooks, Bobby Messano, Lil Ed & the blues imperial, Rick Estrin, altered five blues band, Rick Holstrom, Jimmy Thackery, I missed the great Tab Benoit, Buddy Guy the legend still rocking in his eighties, Quinn Sullivan, Vanessa Collier (amazing). Am I robbing your personal data? Ice Cream In Hell We share contemporary and traditional blues\\soul\\funk and rock from around the world. Dion’s Bronx soul is very much apparent on this album, and it’s a full-tilt blues offering. His gruff vocals and hot guitar licks are mighty to behold and will always keep him near the top of the contemporary blues scene. I’m talking about under the radar musicians who are just as good, just as innovative and talented as bands we all listened to before pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country overtook the air waves. Video Martine you have you have your work cut out for you with all these artists to check out ! I’ve seen the Kansas City based bands several times when the BUZZ was only local. Damon Fowler also has a side band with JP Soars (whom won the IBC in Memphis in 2008) and Victor Wainwright called Southern Hospitality which is worth a listen. American rock duo The Black Keys keeps on pleasing listeners not only with high class works, but also with the hard-working attitude. Anyway, just tried to keep the list to a manageable length but I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter. If you get a chance to see this young gun believe me you will be wishing she was your daughter slinging that axe. Ty Curtis These top bands are widely known as some of the best blues rock artists of all time. Info-video, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (blues, rock, soul, funk) Band Great list! I simply want to open a window to some great music that you won’t find on FM radio, American Idol, The Voice, or if you’re using streaming services (who isn’t) and you haven’t been steered to these great artists by algorithms based on your musical choices. Website, King King (blues-rock, rock) Band Great band, great music. My recommendation from europe/sweden is Lisa Lystam Family Band. Despite the major setbacks, artists have released some incredible blues, rock and roots albums. Great list and heard of a lot of them, Lance Lopez is pretty awesome. Extremely grateful for the fans love and support. The record mostly consists of newly written creations, and there is an original cover of Jimi Hendrix's song Library it is and it is growing all the time. Looking forward to checking out some of the ones I don’t know yet. Electric Blues Classics | Don's Tunes. KENNY NEAL & CLARENCE SPADY…. Greetings from Belgium. When it comes to a list of the greatest blues rock guitarists I've been breaking it… I’m old school–could I send you some of MY sand to the beach?”I ‘d like to send you one of my CD’s, later followed by electronics….Professor Harp. Royal Tea (Deluxe Limited Edition Tin Case) Joe Bonamassa. Thanks to datflys for the video No Marc Broussard in the Southern Soul/R&B/Blues category? We’ve featured Brody Buster, Heather Newman, Victor Wainwright, Popa Chubby and more. Of course there are always going to particular people that show up every time in their specialty area. 3:56 PREVIEW Cool Drink of Water (feat. 4:30 PREVIEW What Am I Doin' Mark Selby. We see many of these great acts frequently in New Orleans. Jack Pearson I completely spaced on Robert Randolph & The Family Band. So many! Live At The Paramount The rockers released the new album El Camino, which became their seventh studio attempt . Info-video, Matt Anderson (soul-blues, contemporary R&B, soul, country) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Testez. Thundering guitar work is so right. I hope you enjoy. 64- Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat. This is great. Type Kris Barras into the search bar on our site and see what comes up. Thank you. I’ll publish them with your first name only in another article. Mike Andersen from Denmark..! Thanks! Frank, Many of my favorites on here. Nobody : Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows. First saw him on the Isle of Man when his Manx band opened for the Who. Jim Messi Category: Blues Albums, Greatest Hits Collections CDs: Album Track Listing. Chicago blues but with a lot of Delta influences. Blues, Rock, and Southern Soul Music You Must Hear 2019. Deserves to step into the bigger league asap. Black Crow Moan Eliza Neals 2020 $1.50. Johnny Rawls ( great story teller) Info-video, Joey Landreth (blues, indie, soul-ish) Singer-songwriter, guitarist What about Justin Johnson? Mark, Streamez en Hi-Fi ou téléchargez en vraie qualité CD sur Damon has been on the blues rock roots scene for several decades and has had a musical influence on several of The guitarists on your list already . Great list! Video, Hello :-) Saltwater in 2016 and The Divided Kingdom in 2019 both receiving great reviews, heavy blues for heavy times. Here’s one you forgot though Mato Nanji from Indigenous. We’ve reviewed him several times. All Time Greatest Blues Songs by VARIOUS ARTISTS Audio CD $13.49. Website, Josh Smith (blues, blues-rock, rock, funk, jazz) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer. But I agree with you GCjr is awesome. Thank you for the list. My other show is Woodstock Rock (10 of us!) Thank you for your kind words and for your comment. And Kirk Fletcher rules! Derek and the Dominos was a music group formed in the spring of 1970 by guitarist and singer Eric Clapton along with Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle… The Doors. And, maybe they don’t fall neatly into the Blues/Rock/Soul genres, more Americana-ish, but I’d highly recommend a listen to Sugarcane Jane (Anthony Crawford & Savana Lee Crawford). Appreciate your tips. Live music makes your soul perk. Try out Toronzo Canon, Joyann Parker, The Jimmys, JJ Grey and Mofro and Ken Valdez…. They are especially great live. Fantastic list , many of my favorites in there !

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