appId : '127538621120543', Sarcastic, criminal critical thinkers made Vagabond much more interesting. He showed us a different side to him than I saw before. I didn't go in expecting much in the first place. Sure, sometimes the endings have a sort of Porky Pig wrap up, but at least they're wrapped up. Also no. Upon reflection and leaving logic out of the picture I’m not even enraged at the show anymore. Mostly I loved the characters, who never acted predictably and surprised me in a lot of ways. Vagabond, unfortuantely, is a show that falls into the latter. I stopped watching this drama and reading this end confirms my choice! If One knew there’s been no ending, the story was told after the initial sniper scene. Cha Hoon.” He walks away, tossing a grenade over his shoulder just to make sure Jerome is dead. All Rights Reserved. He asks, did you know that your wife had a press conference? The future of the country is still in doubt too, with teasing glimpses of the upcoming election, while Park’s plans and diabolical schemes ultimately go unheeded, as we leave with all of this unresolved. We update as the episodes air. I like how the writer tried at times to make things work, but then at other times, just decided to throw something up there to solve a problem and hope it stuck. I'm here to say...Ki Tae Woong you'll be missed. that why ppl living in harmony at your blog :p. i hope people enjoy vagabond drama, the first ep was fun and feel too short. Yeah the Monkey name made me smile too -- I'm sure it's a reference to a Korean Odyssey. Absolute nonsense Your spinoffs and your sun...still smiling as I type this...made me laugh so hard. I remember laughing through each post, it was so crazy funny. For some reasons, I read "...and mostly possess criminal minds." Vagabond was a thrilling action drama that capitalized on that premise. IT HAS ENDED. Let me blow away your tears *WOO WOO* Be thankful it's OVER. WAEEE THERE'S SO MANY THINGS UNEXPLAINED. But he freezes when he sees that it’s Hae-ri, and after a moment of indecision, he turns and kills his partner instead. Meanwhile Hong takes the office on an interim basis before Samael requests a meeting. Why... why are you doing this to us, Netflix? var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I thought the show was ending so perfectly until I realized there were about 3 more hours left lol, so at that point I expected ongoing drama with cliffhanger end rather than a complete conclusion. In the ensuing chaos, Jerome arrives alone to pick up the package. Hae-Ri continues to doubt Cha as the one responsible for Kim’s death but unfortunately Hong has closed the file to this case, leaving her scrambling for answers. I also found that throughout Vagabond the subtitles were lazy, often skipping chunks of dialogue, but then giving is a 'precis' of what was said. Lily agrees, then takes great delight in informing Jessica that Samael is none other than Edward Park. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 I didn’t even hate the romantic interest they showed in each other, which wasn’t necessary to the story but was mostly light-handed and didn’t take over the plot, and seemed to know when to come forward and give us a break from the seriousness and when to fade into the background. Arthdal ended before something we all waited for happened. Prime Minister Hong and Edward discuss the oil drilling venture in Kiria, which is crucial to Prime Minister Hong’s presidential bid. He says that he plans to infiltrate Black Sun, and he asks for Lily’s help. Jerome takes one of the canisters out of the safe to verify it, and that’s when Dal-geon pops up and shoots him in the knee. my only motivation of finishing this series is this: to find out why is it that they are using Samsung galaxy S5 for the whole series... was this set 5 years ago? What a waste of my precious time. During that time I’ve watched a lot of different programs, some that fall into the realm of mediocrity and others that do well but falter at the last hurdle. She gets up to leave, and Edward asks why she’s not begging him to help her recall go through. Very messy ending. lol. *dies laughing, maybe literally* So, I will always have fond thoughts of the show. Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi‘s Vagabond is off to a good start when it premiered Friday night and drew up to 1.78 million viewers nationwide based on viewership data released by Nielsen Korea. I don’t know why, but I had fun watching it and wouldn’t mind a seeing a second season. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Things looks pretty bad for our hero, but yet again he manages to run a terrible situation into an opportunity. Anyways, I hope to see everyone in a better drama soon. LollyPip--So disappointed in the abrupt end of Vagabond. Not perfect but light years ahead of Vagabond. Maybe, it was the montage of Suzy and LSG suiting up with their weapons for this final showdown, and once again a woman is using her looks, and the man gets to use bullets. please. Cha has always been a man that values honesty and compassion and seeing this character development thrown down the drain here as he tortures Jerome feels very uncharacteristic for him. If KTW died, it would be another story. I'm hoping we get a season 2 at least before like 2023 and that we won't get a season 3. I also want a second season because so much is still unexplained, like how Edward Park became Samael, who was running Black Sun and was already feared worldwide before he ever planned the plane crash, so clearly he’s been orchestrating things like this for a long time. They’re just so lovable, I couldn’t help but like them, especially Lily who was quirky and endearing even when she was trying to kill Dal-geon. First still images of Bae Suzy in SBS drama series “Vagabond.” First still images of Lee Seung-Gi in SBS drama series “Vagabond.” Filming for “Vagabaond” was initially planned to finish at the end of 2018, but filming will now finish May, 2019. I'd let this one go somewhere around episode 7 or so, but decided to watch the last minutes to see if SSR survived, and how they wrapped it all up. So did 13 years passed between the moment Dal Geon decided to pretend he is dead and between the last scene or did they change their mind about the fact that it was 13 years later? Episodes: 16. I vote for the former so I can watch the cast in other shows. As in Haeri go away? I love that type of cliché. Thank you YY *sobs hysterically into you shoulder*, [Hands over Potion made from Lazer Unicorn Tears in Melona flavor to recharge]. Looking forward to it. With context, this scene makes more sense and as he shoots the rival sniper, the episode and series ends. Can we start a petition? But Lee Seung-Gi had better role, I think he's better with more humor. No. I think the highlight was the Russian sniper calling LSG "Monkey." 8.6/10 from 38 users. Hae-ri says incredulously that Dal-geon was killed by Edward, then they resume their fight when the guard regains consciousness. As Jerome writhes in agony, his skin bubbling with angry pustules, Dal-geon growls, “Your fear, your pain… they’re nothing compared to what my nephew suffered in the crash.” Jerome begs Dal-geon to kill him, but instead, Dal-geon holds up the antidote and says that Jerome has two minutes to save himself. They literally could have cut out everything regarding President Jung and Secretary Yoon/Shadow, for example, and the story would have been much more streamlined. Made my day with your hilarious post. Yes I really enjoy all comments here. @egads I think Vagabond made the sarcastic criminal critical thinker. That was it. But atleast I'll try to do a better job of picking shows to live watch thanks to this. Unfortunately Vagabond surpasses Memories Of The Alhambra’s finale as one of the biggest disappointments of the year which is a shame because for 15 episodes, I’ve really enjoyed this one. It was a great drama, except for the last episode. In Korea we need a President who can devote hi… Huh???! i want to ask does vagabond continue or end up here but if vagabond continue i need to know because i haven't seen written if it continue or not, i like this movie i need this series to continue to end up in a good story. When I’m not watching TV I’m researching new shows. KBS decides to re-shoot the first 6 episodes of "River Where The Moon Rises" with Na In Woo. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I’m an average entertainment consumer (I’ve only watched one other k-drama ever) and tbh I loved this! I loved the show and would love to see MORE. Korean action is full of good actions and wonderful scenes. Lee Seung Gi, who recently starred in the hit drama “Vagabond,” talked about his love of the action genre as well as the ending to “Vagabond” in a recent interview with Newsen. I hope this doesn’t become a trend though, one of my favourite parts about Kdramas was there was usually an end (to varying degrees of success, of course, but an end nonetheless). Well, rant about that topic over, anyway — now I’m going to rant about Vagabond itself. js.src = "//"; But he takes one more look at his office before he does. Former president Jung at first assumes that Dal-geon’s call is a prank, since he’s supposed to be dead. The show had a solid premise, but they tried to cram too many political misdirections into the plot, so instead of being a straightforward, exciting show about a man trying to get revenge, most of the time I had zero idea what was going on. So here is hoping and praying. or Meanwhile, Dal-geon has successfully infiltrated Black Sun, and is currently on a covert mission in North Africa to steal a biochemical weapon. As we jump back in time, we see what really happened that night; Lily intended to save Kim but as fate would have it, she saved Cha instead, leaving the building just as it erupts into a fiery inferno. The comments were so hilarious. I’ve quite enjoyed this action thriller over the weeks and the over-the-top action and tense situations have always flirted that line of unbelievability but it’s always had the foresight to act with integrity while doing so. She’d driven their SUV into the building, directed her minion to save Woo-gi, and had Do-su carry Dal-geon outside. It had everything. *You can survive a plane crash if you are in the pilot seat while the plane is diving down *there's a secret side door* My issue is that they aren’t transparent about it, and they let people watch the whole show all the way to the final scene before realizing that oh, we aren’t going to get the end of the story like we’re used to with Korean dramas. Do you have anything wise and analytical to say on the last recap? I'm glad he's alive at the end and if a 2nd season is in plans, I suggest he decline unless it's a KTW-chicken ahjumma spinoff. 1. Dal-geon is also in Kiria on a mission for Black Sun (on Edward’s orders, naturally), and he and his racist-as-hell Russian partner set up for a sniper attack on the lobbyist. If this really happen! So anyway, my final thought is that Vagabond was a fun yet serious show that turned into a farcical hilarious ride that sprung into nonsense and ended in, huh? }); She tells him that all the clues they got from Oh Sang-mi about Black Sun and the tattoo were fake, and that Jessica murdered Dal-geon when he found out, so she’s here to make Jessica pay for Dal-geon’s death even if it can’t be done legally. 16 #8 : "Preparation"] Dalgun and Haeri live their life in their each place, with one purpose in mind. I'm torn on this drama, on one half it was an entertaining spectacle and on the other half it began to lose a bit of momentum towards the middle half. (function(d, s, id) { So you can hopefully make more money from part two. Jerome spots them and sends in a female guard, so they pretend to be fighting about Dal-geon’s death. She tells him to expose the crimes, bankrupt John & Mark, and take over, since the company refuses to recall her and has abandoned her. Why would you spend all that money and not bother to finish your story???? Ships crashing, dreams dying *CRIES* *WIPES TEARS* *FLOATS AWAY*, I came here to check out the snarky comments, and here I am, howling, from your very first post. 29-April 4, 2021, Taxi Driver serves vigilante justice in new teaser with Lee Je-hoon, Kim Eui-sung, and Esom, Jang Nara scouts Jung Yong-hwa for Daebak Realty. This number narrowly beat the estimated 1.73 million who tuned in to watch the return of Song Joong-ki’s Arthdal Chronicles on September 7.. Just then, Hae-ri gets a call that Woo-gi has been found and is at the morgue, his badly-burned body having been identified through DNA. if the production doesn’t have enough budget to do 2nd season, i hope there will be a few more episodes (3 or 4 episodes would be fine) to conclude this ending beautifully. Heh. The ending leaves opening for second season. Atleast it was fun at times. I would hate Netflix less if they're being upfront in the possibility of muti season drama before the drama start. *Even if you were sent the likes of Julio Santana to assassinate you he'll surely run out of bullets trying to get you and in the end later in the process Becoming your Friend... Somehow it reminded me of a school project that needed to be submitted... finished or unfinished, pass your papers. When you drop at episode eight, read the final episode recap, and realize you actually ARE making good life choices. Whattt!???? It gets them both sent to solitary confinement, where Hae-ri spends her time angrily cursing out Edward. As it was, the whole thing was such a farce I just had to laugh. In fact, I don't remember anyone important dying *other than CDG's nephew but that doesn't count*. Once inside, she immediately asks Jessica for answers around who Samael is and after some delay, she finally reveals it’s Edward Park. They should also air immediately after airing in South Korea so the international audience can enjoy them together. Hae-ri doesn’t believe the police’s theory that Dal-geon kidnapped Woo-gi, but Tae-woong tells her that the destroyed warehouse is the last place Dal-geon’s phone was used. Excellent show had to listen in korean but read in english subtitles. Season 1. Having made it into Black Sun, she tells him not to do anything rash but he turns the radio off and instead, turns on the other officers and shoots them all. Vagabond (Korean: 배가본드; RR: Baegabondeu) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy and Shin Sung-rok. I ENJOYED THE DRAMA TBH BUT THE ENDING - UGH. Netflix leave Kdramas alone? ITS OVER AND I FEEL EVERYTHING AND NOTHING. The President told the Prime Minister to do something and his reply in Korean was a simple polite "yes" but our subtitler thought the drama scriptwriter needed help and translated "yes" into "You got it"...something that would sound weird in the rigid formality of the Blue House. You know, I've decided not even nearly enough people died in this show. Dal-geon is secretly in contact with Lily and Do-su, and Lily says that the person he’s waiting for is Jerome. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, You might want to send these messages to Netflix and SBS, who are responsible for making the show. The weapon is successfully retrieved, and the team relaxes as they wait for an appointed person to come take possession of the canisters. Duped again. Lol. So he meant Haeri...go. GOOD AT STUFF THEY ONLY SUCCESSFUL THING THEY DID ALL SHOW WAS SAVE DAL GEON'S ASS. Jessica knocks out the guard for a moment, and she quickly tells Hae-ri that Edward Park is Samael, and that Jerome is a guard here. The majority of us left American tv series precisely because of the neverending push that scriptwriters keep making to reach the lucrative seven seasons that would guarantee the production company more money for "reruns". The week breaks haven’t helped Vagabond of course but this ending is one of the worst I’ve witnessed in my tenure covering Korean dramas. // Load the SDK asynchronously He tells Jerome who he is, without taking off his gas mask, then he activates a device he planted on the canister that causes it to explode in Jerome’s face, infecting him with the biochemical weapon. While the fire had raged, Dal-geon had flipped himself upside-down and unhooked himself from his chains. It's all on the writers. *You can jump off a two storey building onto a moving truck unscathed Each episode was released on Netflix in South Korea and internationally after their television broadcast. There was definitely a bit too much going on and it did get confusing at times (plus soooo many characters constantly meant it wasn’t easy to keep track of names or who did what), but the show did often keep me at the edge of my seat as I binge watched all night.