He is also an appointed expert to the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), to the AI Group of experts at OECD (ONE.AI & AIGO), and to the Global Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI). TEHTRIS | 9,192 followers on LinkedIn. BSides Security, or BSides, came to life due to the high number of individuals and organizations who have wanted to participate in Black Hat Briefings but couldn’t conceivably be accommodated.When all the talks that weren’t accepted were presented to smaller groups, the BSides Series was born. Raphael previously led a product team at Withings, a leader in healthcare IoT products, following the acquisition by Withings of Zyken, a sleeptech startup he founded. She is now Scientific Advisor for Hub France IA. Founder of the FPTI, Federation of Intrusion Testing Professionals. Jean-Michel DARROYVice-President, Head of Strategic Partnerships Intelligence. In 2012, she took charge as director of the helicopter management unit. In 2016 Olivier started a new challenge in the automotive industry, building data-driven and AI-powered services in the Cloud for connected vehicles. Graduated in 1993 with a doctorate in Machine Learning from Orsay’s laboratory, she was a key actor in developping the Data Science and Big Data competence center at CS group. Escroqueries, cybercriminalité et espionnage industriel : Les bonnes pratiques pour mieux se protége Keynote Cybersécurité dans le cadre de la conférence NOVAQ 2018 Bordeaux, Université du Futur du 14 septembre 2018 Le 20 mars 2018, CIO a organisé une matinée sur le thème «Pour une cybersécurité compatible avec le business» à Paris. Later on, he joined the education sector as Director of the Epitech school campus in Toulouse, where he then integrated Epitech’s national commission managing the innovation programs and industrial partnerships of all 12 Epitech campus in France. I actively support transparency and explanations on how AI make decisions, human’s supervision, ethics and digital & IA tools widest accessibility in the health industry. Caroline Lair is the founder of The Good AI, a go-to online resource aiming to help companies, policymakers, scholars and aspiring students harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for good and build responsible technologies. He is a committed player and an informed observer of the impacts of artificial intelligence as he has been advising organizations on their data strategy for 20 years. She holds a research chair in the ANITI project on “New certification approaches of AI based systems for civil aeronautics”. He was seconded as an expert on economic topics in the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Trade, and he hold the position of Chief of Operating Officer of the French-African Foundation for a shared growth, aimed at fostering economic partnerships through a network of African and French businessmen. Fabien is convinced that robotics is key to build a world in which people will be free from doing dull, dirty and dangerous task. Page Transparency See More. This support deals with all key aspects for business creation (strategy, intellectual property, legal analysis, market, marketing and communication, etc.). Grégoire Mercier, M.D., Ph.D., is the founder and current head of the Data Science Unit at Montpellier University Hospital and a researcher at the CEPEL (CNRS/Montpellier University), a social sciences team primarily focused on public policies. She is involved in the development of new methodologies using Decision Support, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence for design and optimisation in manufacturing and logistics. Programme Intelligence Campus, Ministère des Armées, President/CEO, NXU / U-Need / HUB France IA, Chief Scientific Director, Health Data Hub. Conferences are an important part of any industry, and they are especially crucial in the quickly evolving landscape of cybersecurity.No matter what role you have in IT security, there are hundreds of IT security conferences to choose from each year, giving you plenty of options—which can get overwhelming! She is/has been an expert for the European Commission, ANR (French National Research Agency), French Competitivity cluster Cap Digital and CCF Big Data Task Force (China). In March 2020, she wrote the book “Les robots émotionnels” and « La souveraineté numérique dans l’après-crise » (Ed. He has published two books, more than 100 papers in international journals and conferences, holds 8 patents, gave several invited keynote lectures in international conferences, and received several prizes for his work in developmental robotics and on the origins of language. Il participe à de nombreuses conférences, colloques et tables rondes dédiés à la cybersécurité et à l’intelligence artificielle s’appliquant à des contextes civils et militaires. After several general management positions in Airbus subsidiaries (CEO Infoterra France, CEO Spot Image) and different VP positions within Airbus  in charge of  developing Innovative Digital Services based on satellite imagery for numerous vertical markets, Jean-Michel is now in charge of Strategic Partnerships for Airbus Defence & Space, Intelligence, from alliances with large companies up to startups scouting and building a digital ecosystem with the selected ones. Sebastien Jardin is working in the Security & Safety sector since 2015. He conducts his research within the Signal and Communications (SC) group of IRIT and is an associate member of the Apprentissage Optimisation Complexité (AOC) project-team of CIMI. Future Intelligence brings forward thought leaders, innovators and technology experts and will consider professionals from all backgrounds (academia, to startups to global companies) for speaking opportunities at the Summit. Prof. Olga Battaïa holds the position of Associate Dean for Research at Kedge Business School where she is also a Full Professor at the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems. MMArena. Olivier Pagès is an engineer (ICAM of Lille) and also holds an MBA in Finance (HEC). Ses nombreuses publications dans des revues scientifiques et dans la plupart des grands médias nationaux (presse, radio) font de lui un expert capable de communiquer efficacement auprès de tout type de public et de « vulgariser » quand il le faut. Experienced in Machine Learning, Reasoning and Real-Time Systems in international environments (17 years in USA & Canada), Jean-Marie is passionate about helping people find creative and simple solutions to challenging problems. Right after my double diploma from GeorgiaTech and Arts et Métiers in 2014, I started working as an avionics engineer for a big company. Nubbo Incubator hosts in Toulouse project holders for innovative business creation. I understood there that I wanted to mix these two worlds, to work in open innovation, and that’s what I have been doing at Daher since 2018. He’s also contributing to the AI and data experts community at the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA). Cyril Kabbara, co-founder of the French SME Shark Robotics, spent nine years working in intelligence in the French army before studying for a master’s degree in economic intelligence in Paris. Conférence petit-déjeuner sur la cybersécurité au sein de votre entreprise. Ses conférences s’adressent au grand public comme aux experts. Born in Mauritius, married with 2 sons, Arnaud graduated in Aeronautical and Space Engineering (ISAE 1987), and holds an MSC in Robotics and a Business Strategy degree from Harvard Business School. Is your company trustworthy? Benoit Grunemwald, Cyber Security Expert, Eset. Ghizlaine Amrani has been leading the development and business growth of the company to create a leader in Economic Intelligence powered by AI. He completed his medical degree (Public Health) at Montpellier University. He teaches international relations, energy geoeconomics and cyberstrategy at the Ecole militaire in Paris, Sciences po Paris and Polytechnique. Ghizlaine graduated from ISG Business School and St-John’s University with a MS in Finance and holds a MS in psychology. Romaric is a senior expert in Artificial Intelligence, he started in early days with LISP programming and had the chance to work with various symbolic and data driven AI technologies.He went through various roles: software engineer in an Artificial Intelligence startup, Team leader of AIRBUS AI research team, DataLab manager in AIRBUS Defence and Space and he is currently the AIRBUS « Fast Track » Leader reporting directly to the AIRBUS CTO. His work mainly concerns the operational implementation of AI techniques from laboratories. Nicolas teaches at the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po), and at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs in Madrid. Fabien Bardinet is an aviation fan and a robotics enthusiast. Since September 2018, I manage the Operations Division at Pole Emploi in the Occitanie region. Author and speaker, passionate about AI and its impact on society and organizations, he delivers exciting and inspiring insights that shed light on complex issues. As for now, since 2018, she is the head of Innovation at the Directorate for Military Intelligence. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Grégoire MERCIERFounder and Head of the Data Science Unit. Community See All. He has been studying lifelong autonomous learning, and the self-organization of behavioural, cognitive and cultural structures, at the frontiers of artificial intelligence, machine learning,  cognitive sciences and educational technologies. He is a shareholder and present on the board of several Startups. Cette conférence est la 5ème d’une série sur les systèmes de drônes et les essaims autonomes. For 5 years he worked for a business firm specialized in the takeover of companies in difficulty (JL BORLOO law firm). He was involved in the screening and development of strategic partnerships in Europe and abroad (India/Russia). He is the co-founder of KanopyMed, a company aimed at improving health care systems through data-driven and population-based decision-support tools. Ses recherches s’appliquent aux stratégies algorithmiques et à la détection automatique des architectures de données fictives utilisées en phase initiale de cyberattaque. A former graduate from École Normale Supérieure, she holds a PhD from University of Grenoble. _ Note: on June 2-3, B2B meetings and an exhibition will be held aside from the conferences.Make sure to take advantage of these great networking opportunities. He holds a PhD in Economic Geography from Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. 17 years of experience in large scale industrialization of automotive powertrain electronic devices. ÉDITION 2020 – CONFÉRENCE. Rate is 250€ per person for full access to all conference sessions and workshops during the entire duration of the event. 1,057 people like this. Luc TRUNTZLERPresident of the Commission on AI and Cognition. Jean-Jacques joined then as a technical architect the ATTOL (Autonomous Taxi, Take Off, and Landing) demonstrator that successfully flew an AIRBUS aircraft without any pilot interaction, only based on sensors and computer vision software. Raphael was also board member of Sparus Software, a leading Mobile Device Management player, until its acquisition by Zenprise, itself acquired by Citrix Systems for 327 M$. Serial entrepreneur, William is mostly a leader and visionary. All Cybersecurity Conferences and Events taking place in Bordeaux in [year] will be placed within this resource. Her mission is to provide investors and institutions with predictive macro-economic and financial indicators to identify profitable investment opportunities and associated risks by analyzing alternative data such as satellite imagery, social networks, meteorological data, shipping, etc. He is currently smiling internally at the idea of writing a text about himself at the third person while he should instead be writing the names of so many collaborators. She serves as Associated Editor for several international peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, IISE Transactions (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) and Omega-International Journal of Management Science. Next, after being head of a cyberdefense department for 2 years at the DGA, I have just joined the French Prime Minister services to lead an investment program in cybersecurity innovation. VOIR LE REPLAY. BSides Series. In 2007, he took the lead of the R&T department in applied mathematics to develop advanced methods in physical modelling, optimization, CAD/CAE, High Performance Computing, Probabilistic & Statistical Modelling and Model-based systems Engineering. Prior to this, Caroline did operate in various business positions, lately at Snips, building private by design AI Voice Assistant ( acquired by Sonos in November 2019) and at HCVC venture capital firm, as an investor and partner. He currently holds an AI Research Chair at the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI) and he is a Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). Elle participe également à des groupes de travail et de réflexion avec de nombreux partenaires publics et privés. Her researches focus on statistical modeling and analysis of medical databases in order to: understanding the common features of populations, designing classification, early prediction and decision support systems. Prior to this, she held operational positions in strategic planning and marketing within the luxury industry for the European and North American markets. His research lies in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, with specific interests in computer-mediated communication and groupware, engineering of interactive systems, graphical interaction, tactile and gestural interaction, and human interactions with AI systems. He is one of the main organizers of the largest French summer school on AI (DS3) on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique. This innovative company provides scalable solutions in existing CCTV system to reduce costs and accelerate deployment. The mission of the proposal to establish a European Cybersecurity Network and a Competence Centre is to help the EU retain and develop the cybersecurity technological and industrial capacities necessary to secure its Digital Single Market. She is also a Google Developer Expert in machine learning. Watch Queue Queue Evaluate the benefits for you to participate in a trust framework such as the one Occitanie Data has been building for 1 year, and discover in preview our evolution and our new offers for 2021. Author: Henry Dalziel. Early 2020 Fabien joined Airbus as VP in charge of Robotics and Automation. Durchweg positiv – so ist die Resonanz auf die CYBERSECURITY CONFERENCE der SAMA PARTNERS Business Solutions GmbH und ihrer Partner. Sociological visit of a company » (La Découverte, 2019). This is especially the case for AI, considered as a « black box ». She’s also the co-founder of Women in AI, an international community of 4500+ members, working toward a gender-inclusive AI. He has then been one the founder of the OKTAL Company where he developed several simulators for aircrafts, trains, and cars. Future Intelligence Summit will open with one full day of conferences under the patronage of IANP 2020. Adjuncted Professor at the University of Toulouse and professor at the Catholic Institute for High Studies, he has written numerous articles on Criminal Justice Systems Reform, Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism. Can European data regulation become a castrating factor for innovation? Since 2016, Arnaud has also been deeply involved in the setting up and management of Airbus OneWeb Satellites Joint Venture; the first low-cost, high performance non geostationary satellites for mass production, leading to the creation of the world’s first and largest purpose-built production satellite factory in Florida. He chaired the European Commission independent expert group on the ethics of driverless mobility whose report was released in September 2020. Elle est également membre du comité stratégique de Cythère, institut pour le développement de la cybersécurité et de la compétitivité économique des territoires. More recently, he started to use the AI algorithms developed in his lab to tackle a very serious puzzle: organizing atoms to design new molecules (proteins) that could then act as nano-agents in the real word. His sharp expertise and his unique vision have been developed through concrete projects conducted for organizations in all sectors of activity, in France and abroad. Dr. Mazzucchi wrote his PhD thesis on the influence cross relationship between states and companies in the energy sector. 39:26. ». Appointed CEO of Balyo in 2013, he managed the growth of this logistic automation leader. After graduating from l’Ecole Polytechnique in France and a Master of Science degree focused on information security from the Georgia Institute of Technologie in Atlanta US, I began my career in the French Ministry of Defense as a R&D software developer in cyberdefense. L’Observatoire) and in March 2017 “Des Robots et des Hommes: mythes, fantasmes et réalité” (Ed. In 2012, Fabien founded a start-up on connected objects. All Cybersecurity Conferences and Events taking place in Bordeaux in [year] will be placed within this resource. Conférence spéciale : la cybersécurité à l'heure du tout numérique - Duration: 39:26. polymtlvideos 755 views. His work has a strong emphasis on automated reasoning and its interactions with Machine Learning, especially probabilistic reasoning. She is a committed woman who leads her team through concrete objectives, likes human challenges and makes innovation a key driver of everything CLS does. Maître Cécile DOUTRIAUX, Avocate, fondatrice du cabinet Juris Défense Avocats, est membre de la Chaire Cyberdéfense & Cybersécurité Saint-Cyr depuis 2012, avec les sociétés SOGETI & THALÈS, leaders mondiaux des hautes technologies pour la défense et la sécurité, auditeur de l’IHEDN et membre de l’ARCSI. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience to see InfoSec events in our directory. Automated reasoning targets the resolution of complex puzzles: the algorithms developed in his lab can solve the most devilish Sudoku grids in less than a millisecond, can learn the rules of Sudoku from examples but also solve much harder and more serious puzzles (but many others are still too hard and cannot be solved). Today, he is the CEO of Synapse Development which, under his leadership, continues its growth while maintaining the level of excellence of these products. Ambassador Laborde had a long carrier in the French Judiciary ending with the positions of president of Chamber in charge of Financial and Economic Crimes at the Court of Appeals of Aix-en- Provence and finally Judge at the French Judicial Supreme Court. Stéphanie Allassonnière is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Paris School of Medicine. Nous répertorions toutes les conférences et événements sur la cybersécurité qui se déroulent en France. Emmanuel SALIOTAdvisor on Security and Defence at Council of the EU. Hosted by Campus CESI Le Mans. In 2007, he joined “CS-Systèmes d’Information” as head of the Homeland Security division and then CTO. When he left Airbus in 2017, he was in charge of the Roadmap in Applied Mathematics &numerical methods at Group level. Active member of the ‘Elles Bougent’ Association, she’s also in charge of animating the ANITI’s mixed commission along with Mohamed Kaaniche. Laurence Devillers is a full Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University (PIV) and heads the Chair in Artificial Intelligence HUMAAINE : HUman-MAchine Affective INteraction & Ethics (2020-24) at CNRS. More than a year ago. Au programme, café, croissants, conférence et session d'inititation au Golf ! Co-founder of the NXU (Next HUmanity) Thinktank: To make NXU the leading Think Tank in France in the field of NBICs, but also the most complete, intelligent and comprehensive reference site, so that citizens can find elements of reflection on the impact of NBICs, varied and easily available information. JN Piotrowski is an entrepreneur, expert in computer security since 1999. Mid-2011, she was nominated as deputy director for the mission and support airplane management unit at the French Directorate for Armaments. Hosted by. Elle enseigne le droit des technologies de l’informatique et de la communication au Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers (formation labellisée par la CNIL) Maître DOUTRIAUX est régulièrement sollicitée en qualité de conférencière et a ainsi effectué de nombreuses interventions au profit de différents ministères, chambres de commerce, collectivités territoriales, entreprises et organismes publics et privés. He leads the AIRBUS Artificial Intelligence and computing technology roadmap for AIRBUS and partners with all relevant internal and external stakeholders to foster AI adoption inside AIRBUS. Il étudie en particulier les solutions de lutte contre les attaques par HoaxCrash, arnaques au Président et faux ordres de virement, basées sur la construction de faux profils, de fausses données et de fake news. What are the avenues to help French AI startups become unicorns? Log In. Not Now. Raphael’s entrepreneurial and tech career spans across multiple regions and sectors. Show Map. Her research and teaching activities are focused on the improvement of the performances of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains. or. She is a founding member and member of the board of Hub France IA (read AI). Frédéric Pradeilles became Director of the “Digital Solutions, Ground Segments and Operations” Directorate as of April 2018. Ghizlaine also speaks fluently 5 languages, including Arabic, Italian, Spanish and is intermediate Chinese. How can we encourage the creation of startups based on laboratory-based research? He is an expert for the Global Patnership on AI Future of Work (OECD) Working Group and contributes to the Toulouse Think Tank NXU. He was key note speaker in many conferences on those topics and is the author of a book on Organized Crime and the Rule of Law. He has been developing models of intrinsically motivated learning, pioneering curiosity-driven learning algorithms working in real world robots, and developed theoretical frameworks to understand better human curiosity and autonomous learning. He thus contributed to the creation of Occitanie Data, which brings together 19 members (companies, clusters, public institutions) to develop the data economy in an ethical and sovereign framework.